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  1. UPDATE: We've decided to aim instead for Heavy RP as opposed to Casual.
  2. For your viewing entertainment: Aion Guild Trailer (the new version): Pirates of the Burning Seas Guild Trailers:
  3. Thank you very much. We'll probably have an icon of some sort soonish... basically whenever I decide to stop being lazy and do a little work in Photoshop
  4. Right, generally speaking most monitors/TVs/whatevers are going to have a set of resolutions that they are capable of displaying. If you have your heart set on a particular resolution, you'll have to make sure that it's capable first... though I've personally never been so set on a particular resolution that it's ever been a deal-breaker. It's probably easier just to set it to whatever's available. As for response times, Bestbuy doesn't always list them... you'll either have to look it up online or check the product's packaging. I'd recommend a response time of 5ms or less.
  5. I'm currently using a (much smaller) TV as my monitor, and though it will usually behave itself and run at 1440x900 like I want it to, it will sometimes reset the resolution itself on start up. The TV my roommate uses, however, has never once done so. So I think the above quotation is probably the best answer you'll get... unless someone has first-hand knowledge with the TV you're planning to use >.> Out of curiosity, what's the TV's response time?
  6. -.- I do not, nor shall I ever own a Wii. I'm fairly certain a complete list of PS3 exclusives would be a bit longer than that. It's just the Xbox 360's list is longer still. With all of that said, I do admit I'm curious as to how well MMOs transition over to a console... just not curious enough to go out and buy one Anyone who's played XI on both PC and console care to share a comparison?
  7. Just not as many as, say, the Xbox 360 But then, I really shouldn't talk. I don't own either console
  8. As a result of an internal polling, it has been decided that Oschon at-Ta'ih will no longer be joining the RPC on Besaid at launch.
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