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  1. Im not sure, I got it from http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/61147?p=979158#post979158 apparently Ent means End, Why would an A be added at the end?
  2. Awww Yeah, Cant wait! Im hoping for an announcement of when exactly Open Beta + Head Start will be.
  3. Okay, So I was going to go for a normal Sea Wolf naming convention ( Ostyrsthal Fyrentsyn) but i was thinking of normal play and thinking would people consider it a bit too confusing to pronounce and understand in party play and such. I mean would the average user look at it and think "He looks like he just smashed his head against the keyboard for that name" What do you folks think? Im still thinking of going as my Sea Wolf, But theres a niggle in the back of my head making me want to go Hellsguard instead :?
  4. Perhaps it isn't only his choice? (I'm not familiar with his position in his FC or anything, just stating that perhaps publicly not everything is known.) If it was just one or two, I'd not be as concerned about capacity. [First Response] I guess thats fair enough if thats his reason [second Response] Technically its 4 communitys not including the RPC community
  5. Most people arnt worried about the TYPE of people playing, they are worried about the amount of people playing. Its all well and good wanting to play with RP people but you cant do that if you cant even get in the damn server. Just a question btw, Why is your FC on Gilgamesh if you are so opposed to being on Gilgamesh? He's concerned about how populated the server will be. Major communities all seem to be electing the SAME server. I do know that, I was just asking why he doesnt elect to move his FC to a different server.
  6. Just a question btw, Why is your FC on Gilgamesh if you are so opposed to being on Gilgamesh?
  7. The only thing im worried about with Gilgamesh as to why it should be a different server is because of how full its gonna be. Quoting from that thread on the beta forums "Honestly, you should choose a less populated server. Gilgamesh is projected to be one of the most packed new servers (Reddit, NeoGAF and GameFAQs all have FCs on Gilgamesh)." Three communitys PLUS the RPers, You are looking at a full server very very quickly.
  8. (I would rate the last poster, but the last poster didnt give a name) I give the name of Jehanne Navarre a 9/10 as well, It works really well for a Hyur (I hope female ) and party people can just call you Anne hehe I dont know what name i want fully, So ive got two names to pick from. Im going to make a Roegadyn Sea Wolf. Im contemplating from the names of Ostyrsthal Fyrentsyn(Eastern Steel, Son of Fire End) or Varon Devori. I just dont know
  9. I too would love to join Soliloquy as well, Im not quite sure 100% on what my character will be doing (or even the name to be fair....) but you seem like a great bunch of peeps and Abaigeal has introduced me into the skype chat nicely. So I look forward to the future events you shall do :moogle:
  10. Im having Mixed opinions, But my sister has given her opinion about it. Which seems to be clear "1) I can't redefine my keys to anything meaningful for me rendering it playable. 2) The game crawls even in enclosed buildings unless I turn the settings down to mega low. 3) The downloader is broken as all fuck. 4) The mouse makes it unplayable to play and I still haven't seen any responce that it would be fixed yet. 5) They couldn't even keep a server up for longer than 5 minutes to give out keys, this doesn't bode well for anything pertaining to a game come release. 6) I have not read a single thing about how the game actually plays in practice that is positive. Everything I've read that's negative goes into great detail and everything I've read that's positive just says "IT'S NOT THAT BAD YOU GUYS" without actually debunking anything. 7) From SE's track record with FFIX I'm pretty sure the game will not be fixed."
  11. Lukoya


    Huray, I love the new smileys :bomb:
  12. Heh Goons. My sister is a goon, she plays on Eve online though. Thats where they frequent the most though. They arnt that bad though they just like to troll people.
  13. It's still invite only, or if you have a previous beta key SE will send you a new one before the open beta starts. It's not a mass demo either, it just means the NDA is no longer in effect (for such things as videos and whatnot that were still banned in phase 3). Well thats dissapointing, I was hoping to give it a try thinking they would have changed how you got in it. Maybe ill send another application in when it starts. :frustrated:
  14. How do we participate in the Open Beta then?
  15. Well its 3 games and you need one game as well. Wont work without an original disc in the system.
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