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  1. This is an awesome idea Xenedra! Can't draw for crap but I'd love to see Ave in there. She would definitely be either the Empress or the Sun, if either of those aren't taken!
  2. Oh hey, I remember you! Welcome back
  3. Aveline

    Hi all!

    Hey, silly summoner! Welcome. ^^
  4. Gerick that was actually the 2nd request, after Eva made no attempt to contact me privately and instead made a dramatic thread here about it. And, as you can see in that screenshot, I'm happy to comply with Eva's (nice and respectful) request, as soon as he deletes this thread. But unfortunately he would prefer this thread stay up. So I will continue to attribute him in my blog post to saying something nice about me once. The horror!
  5. Ah, unfortunately Eva did not ask very nicely. He said he "didn't expect" me to "comply" with his request, and padded out the post with insults. I'm also not the creator of this thread. If there was truly a wish not to have any drama, Eva could have PMed me here, or IMed me, or emailed me, etc. Instead, he chose to make a public thread on a small community forum he moderates (not the Lodestone, curiously enough), and when he didn't get his way immediately he tried to pin the drama on me. I think I've seen enough here to know that once again, this was not meant to be a civil thread, but one more attempt to harass me. How does the saying go? "Don't feed the trolls?" I think I've given the OP enough food for the day.
  6. As I have stated a few times now, the point of the quote was to highlight positive dialog. It was a comment that genuinely made me smile at the time, and now & then since. I'm sorry if you were offended by someone attributing you to saying something nice once. And again, I'm still unclear as to how posting a positive expression on my blog is somehow drama, but I would appreciate it if you and your friends would stop harassing me about it. If you don't want to delete this thread, that's fine, but I'm going to stand my ground in this Eva. I won't be bullied by you and your friends. Reason for edit: Typo correction. Changed attributed to attributing.
  7. Hi D, nice to meet you? Anyway, it is very simple, yes! I can still post in this thread, though. Which means it hasn't been deleted. So as soon as someone figures out how to hit delete on this public troll thread, I will be happy to delete Eva's name from my personal blog post.
  8. As I learned when a member of Everwatch was spreading actual lies about me via the blogs, no, there is no way to report them, sweetie. I recall at that time, the leaders of Everwatch shrugged and said they supported free speech and encouraged blogs of all kinds. Now. Since you seem to have changed your minds about free speech, as I said in my personal blog in response to you, I will delete all evidence of quote attribution from my post as soon as you delete this hilarious echo chamber of a thread.
  9. ( A huge thanks to everyone who came out last night! It was lovely to see such a community gathering! I hope you all had a great time, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! Haven't had time to get the full gallery of pictures up yet, but I've got some in my Lodestone blog entry for the event [Part 1 & Part 2 ]. Big, big thanks to all the costume competition entries! You guys rock! ) XOXO Yours &c. Ave
  10. Aveline


    Updated with current contact info & guild information! :tonberry:
  11. Well, I've been called into work again (yaay... server migrations...!) and I don't know how long I'm going to be here. I may be able to make it back in time, otherwise one of TALE's other leaders will come in my place. I'm trying to confirm now who can come as a rep.
  12. Skype download link, for those of us that don't use it: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype
  13. If it's needed, I have a 25-person Teamspeak 3 server we can use for the meeting.
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