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  1. Sukaretto - The Scarlet Watch FC Name: Sukaretto | FC Tag: <SuKa> Leaders: - Asra Mayasura & Yi'gen Jhungid Headquarters: - Lav. Beds, Ward 7, Plot 51 Rating: - 18+ Mature Type of FC: - Roleplaying (Medium-Heavy RP) - Content Active Time: - 5pmEST (primetime weekdays) | All Day Weekends | International-Friendly Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral Source Links: - Discord given upon request About Us: The Grand Companies have Failed. As the Garlean Empire advances its offensive on different fronts, enslaving, maiming, defiling the peoples of the land, the Grand Companies rest their hopes on a so-called 'Warrior of Light'. They wait for a miracle. Yet His visage is one of hypocrisy, corrupted, accommodating, succumbing to the wiles and whims of the Great Cities forgoing what it means to truly liberate a people from their strife. Decadent and comfortable, the 'Hope' of Hydaelyn no longer sees the world for what it is; a playground of catastrophe wrought and manipulated by the very people that raised him high. He has become blind. But we see clearly and take a firm stand against it. The created wars and conflicts will be exposed for what they are, and we will not be patient, we will not be swayed, we will fight where all others would turn and flee. We will not become as corrupt as the Warrior of Light nor tolerate the strife brought by his ignorance to the truth. We will Triumph where He has failed. ...and we will cross the lines that others dare not to tread. Recruiting: We are looking for morally 'gray', even ill-inclined characters to get our initiative started, but welcome any with a desire to share in the growth of this company and take part in the missions as they arise. ❃ Need an IC prompt/reason to stop by? Our doors are… quite literally open. Registration/Inquiries can be done on the top floor of the estate. Or if you’re looking for something a little more ‘in the moment’, feel free to arrange a meeting with our leaders or come to us with your own ‘scenes’. ❃ Questions? Hit us up on Discord! Asra Mayasura: Asra#0205 Yi’gen Jhungid: Yi’gen#2026 Given that some material may be controversial or ill-suited for general audiences, members must be 18+ with a mature and open mind. Underaged themes will NOT be permitted, entertained, or referenced in the Free Company or any future plots/missions.
  2. I. Basic Info Characters: Yi'gen Jhungid Primary character: ^ Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy || 20+ years of RP experience. Views on RP combat and injuries: If you don't want your character to get injured or maimed, don't express wanting to and then not be willing to back it up. Since there is a vague area on the timeline aspect in most encounters, serious injuries should always be played out over time, while minor ones can be healed and such. Views on IC romance: Natural progression tends to be best. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): While it would be nice to hear about other's backstories, there is a time and a place for it. No need to bring it up with every chance encounter. Just have to let it grow and take the opportunity when it naturally presents itself. That way there is a nice back and forth for the characters/ group to get to know each other. Views on lore: Lore is present for a reason, but there are some elements that are open to the individual's interpretation. As long as it's not over-the-top. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): FC chat is for the OOC. All others are dependant on the situation. III. Other Info Country:UK Timezone: Often CST primary GMT Contact info: Yi'gen#2026 Looking for: A small-medium RPFC to grow and develop a story with.
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