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  1. My main character's story i'm fleshing out fits well with lancer/dragoon, but i'd love to have the Thief back for another character i'd like to make. I could make her work as a Pugilist, but just doesn't fit as well.
  2. I've yet to get the second email, but luckily I did get a code with my order and was able to enter into the preorder site and then the second code into the service account. Wasn't working last night, but worked fine today, just come back later if it's not working That said, what account do we log into the game with? I used my service account during P4, but the game is also registered with the regular square site. As a old web dev guy, Square's entire setup just makes me cringe.
  3. I know this morning when I got out of bed finally and started playing Gilgamesh was full and had to go Balmung. Despite being so loaded I'm surprised that there haven't been many issues.
  4. Also have to remember that you are downloading compressed files and will be bigger when installed to the disk. After downloading the file size on disk is 8.54GB. Game assets can compress quite a bit when you want them to.
  5. Luckily I don't have to worry about the download my self. At that size though, I wouldn't be surprised if a torrent did pop up of the client.
  6. Ugh, as if I really needed more to make me want launch to come quicker haha
  7. RenK

    Hey All

    Haha, i'm glad someone likes it, many thanks for the welcome everyone Unfortunately I lost the hat to the wilderness some time back when I had to make a trip to a remote village and fix some computers for work T_T been searching ever since for the perfect replacement =P
  8. Kind of a work in progress character in terms of name and such, but generally how i want him to look. This will be my main for now:
  9. RenK

    Hey All

    Thanks for the welcomes. Honestly, still on the fence on my choice of server for my main, but kind of leaning towards Gilgamesh at the moment. The idea that it's an overall fresh start for everyone server wide is kind of nice. That said, I have a habit of spreading out and around to the different servers on MMOs when the option is available so i'm likely to try Balmung and others as well over time =P
  10. RenK

    Hey All

    Instead of Lurking much longer I figured I might as well make a post in here and get things going before the game launches. MMORPG background: A ton of games off and on over the years. Everything from Maple story, Ragnarok Online, Conquer Online, other obscure games Korean in origin, A tiny bit of FF11, and a 5+ year foray into WoW. RP experience: None in MMOs. Back in High school I was pretty big into RPing on the forums over at my old online stomping grounds at Animeleague. Was a clan leader, had various characters and so on. As life began to get in the way after Hi
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