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  1. For whatever it's worth the only 'issues' I've had as a Lala player is the occasional creepy PM and all. It really kinda sounds like the core issue here comes from feeling like you have some kinda requirement to change characters to fit a trend or something? I don't really understand that to be honest. I'm not surprised those characters aren't fun to play if you just made them because you think you need an x character that does y?
  2. The magic is a universal concept, Sharlayan was just the first to perfect it and Isghard uses a very narrow use of it that fits their culture better. You may be clumsy with it without a proper academic teacher but there's no reason any magically gifted person can't apply the Sharlayan concepts.
  3. Yea guns are at the very least a known enough thing for LL to not only be a major source in the gun trade but also have regulations about randos owning them. So yea, I imagine they're not COMMON, but unless you've been extremely sheltered no one's gonna be all 'what is this magical hand blaster you're using????' It's more 'oh, huh, so THAT'S what a gun is like? Cool to see one up close'.
  4. I imagine that culturally names would be almost meaningless to a Qestir because, yea there's almost no way to easily share it with others. You're known for what you do. If someone needs a beast killed the tribe points to you because you did it, if they need something made they point to you because you've shown talent there, I'd figure it leads to a pretty competitive nature in a lot of them, if the only way you can be remembered is by acting and all. As for the great writing debate, as a brand new Qestir player I play it out as a just as controversial thing for the tribe as it is OOC. Some more liberal types may be down with it, some more conservative types may hate it, it's a personal boundary thing I'd reckon. For mine she avoids writing, but if it's an absolute emergency she considers it basically an acceptable cheat for a greater good.
  5. Welcome to the fun! I've found Mateus to be a pretty great place for getting readjusted to RP and such, very social and friendly community eager to help the RPer world grow.
  6. Welcome! I always found the best way to make a character is to literally just take the first concept that comes to mind, wiggle it so it fits the world, and go with it. You know what you dig, chances are your knee jerk idea can work nicely. I, uh, I make a lot of alts...
  7. It looks like I'll be joining up here after a bit of confusion with which game version I bought and all. Is there a link to the discord I'm missing? Seems like a good tool for networking!
  8. Well that at least turns 'well shit' to more a mild annoyance. At least it'll be fun to be at the start of an RP scene again
  9. Wow that's...interesting. Well, also kinda 'lucky' too because I've just found that buying FFXIV through steam is different than my old account, so this bundle of XIV and Storm can't be applied to my original account anyway! So...looks like I'm gonna go to Mateus after all! How's stuff there?
  10. Hey all! It's been forever but once again the siren call of this game has dragged me back in. So now I get to play my poor little over RP'd under actual played level 25 Arcanist Lalafell and desperately rush her to 50 so I can finally make her the Red Mage she was always meant to be. So yea, I think this is like my third introduction and I still suck at these, but hi! If you remember a tiny chef/fisher/magician named Zutoto Zuto that'd be me and I'm eager to come back! What all did I miss since last expansion with the community? Is Balmung still cartoonishly impossible to make a new character in? What's this Mateus stuff? How are you all? Are we loving this expansion? Does anyone have a spare cig?
  11. From what I understand it's 'common knowledge' that the magic war or whatever it was called involved incredibly destructive and world shaping magics, and among the very magically educated they know the names of those magics. Basically it'd be like if it was common knowledge that World War 2 ended with a horrific use of a military weapon, but only people really educated in history or military stuff would know 'yea those were nukes, dawg'. That's my understanding at least, Black Magic is more 'common' in the sense that it's fairly known there is a special kind of very destructive magics that was especially powerful, but White Magic has literally been buried in the forest for ages.
  12. Gotta agree with this post here. If you were to come to my characters claiming to be a White Magie without being a special forest snowflake creature they'd go 'haha what are you tugging my chain' but then if you actually showed some level of advanced healing magic that, reasonably, only a proper White Mage could do they'd go 'oh shit what, how' rather than me going right to WHAT NO FUCK THIS I OUT. Now if you then went on to say you're actually an elemental in human form who has lived since the first Astral age somehow who's personally killed every Primal, yea that's when I go 'uh, bye' but if your answer is 'yea dude I went on a really intense spirit quest and it took so much study and training and risk for myself but eventually I was able to tap into that shit with guidance', yea cool, we can work something out there. People deserve a chance, they don't need unconditional agreement, but they deserve at least a chance to put their stuff out there and let you decide from there. A White Mage in character would need a pretty big story why that happened, but inherently I wouldn't write them off.
  13. That was incredibly helpful, and absolutely helped!
  14. Forgive me if this has been asked before, a quick search didn't pop anything up but I may have missed it. So...what's up with gladiators? I never really messed with the class before so I have a feeling most of these questions can be answered with just 'do the damn Gladiator quests, dummy' but I figured it could be fun, RP wise, to have my Au Ra go into gladiator stuff. Basically I'm just not solid in what the deal with gladiators, as a concept, is. It's a pretty brutal thing for a major civilized city state to have as a core feature. I assume they don't go full on Roman with slaves involved and all, and it's more a 'voluntary bloodsport' thing than 'I bought this dude and now he has to fight for me'? How bloody does this bloodsport get, though? Does signing up to go into the arena mean you could wind up dead, or is it a 'ok you kicked his ass, you won' thing? I know from other quests that in their city gladiators are respected, seeing 'gladiator fangirls' and all, but how do the other cities view it? Along with that, how 'open' is gladiator stuff? Like obviously in game a 'gladiator' is someone with a sword and shield and heavy armor but we know historically speaking there were many kinds of gladiators and many kinds of gladiator events beyond 'two men with swords walk into the ring and fight eachother while we cheer'. Is there an example of another kind of gladiator than the actual game mechanics' version in the fluff?
  15. As said you have to remember these aren't dudes leaving their homes for fun, these are refugees fleeing an oppressive empire. Sure many Xaela tribes probably stick around on the whole 'this is MY home screw those Garleans' style but if someone wants to leave for safer places there are tons of ways for it to happen. When it becomes 'get crushed under this empire's boot and die' vs 'leave, try to hold on to my culture, and return when I can liberate my home' a lot of dudes are gonna take the latter. We know there are boats taking refugees from their lands, if you knew that when the totally not-nazi empire was breaking your door down it was just a matter of 'get to the coast, find a ship with a friendly captain' to avoid being crushed you're GONNA get there, even if you're in the middle of the desert. My Xeala is a very traditional tribal type, she super hated that to get to Ul'Dah she had to ride in a hidden hold in a fishing boat with a bunch of filthy other tribes and cowardly Raen, but she did it, because she'd be fine to swallow her pride and take a bath later to get the stink of other tribe off her if it means having a chance in a safer land.
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