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    Funny story

    I love roleplaying and heard that Mateus was a good RP server (since Balmung is full), so I stumbled through FFXIV's weird UI trying to get to the Aether data center to see if Mateus was open, since apparently that one is getting hard to get into (so I've heard). Lo and behold, I find my completely untouched relic of a 1.0 character that I thought was deleted years ago... on the Balmung server. With legacy characters, you're able to change everything about them when you log onto them for the first time in ARR+, including their name. Yay! So yeah, I'm here now. I have no idea how to roleplay in a game, but I've been doing forum/Tumblr/Livejournal/whatever roleplay for a long time.
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