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  1. Eventually to become my main, I didn't think I'd actually like Au Ra as much as I did. Quite happy with how unique I was able to make him... cause who even likes Green? =|
  2. I got a loading screen, then the game quit due to lobby error, and now I can't find the NA / EU servers... Damn it Square! I had it perfectly planned! I was getting my full Darklight Set tonight and you ruuuuined it! :cry:
  3. Oh pfft you livestreamed it?! I wish I was paying more attention rather than sleeping sometimes... EITHER WAY. OTL This is sooo great~ I love his eyes, could get lost in those oceans forever. (I totally describe them as 'oceans of saphire' because I'm pompous like that.) SPANKS FOX :love: I'm smacking it on my Wiki... I should probably write that too... Huh.
  4. Hrnnngh -Switches to Red Chakra- I CAN DO THIS. But yeah, chucking rocks at things even with Cleric stance is horribly tedious and takes ages. And Dots might actually be perfect if I can just insta cast all over like 5 things and watch them die. Considering I'm looking for this purely to farm mobs, as I don't have any intention of using it in raids unless, of course they need me to. (Who am I kidding I'll be RPing.) SO I think Summoner might be perfect... Minus the tacky outfit. -Huffs-
  5. Question. I play a healer but recently I've been wanting to start as a DPS because I want it to be easier to farm mob drops for crafting. Now, I'm leaning towards Summoner because I'm sitting on high level Conj and a level 15 Arcanist. Essentially I'm lazy! SO DPSers, I was wondering how Summoner's damage was. And is it worth it to level it, or should I start from scratch with something like a Lancer?
  6. Ecch, I'm not a fan of RPing in cities at all, let alone the smack dead middle of the adventurer's guild. Where everyone plonks down to craft by leve masters and spams your chat with goldsellers and sounds and sparkles and 'synth' status. Not to mention everyone turning in story quests or starting new characters. I'd suggest moving to one of the side starting towns outside the cities.. As we learned already, the Bobbing Cork in Fallgourd Float in the North Shroud where the Gala was held is quite an awesome spot. It's rather dead, save the occasional quest turn in. There's an Aetheryte for easy access. It's within walking distance of Gridania, so even a level 1 could get there easily. Alternatively you could go for the other places, such as Hawthorne, and Black Brush. Though, both of those are usually quite bustling. Moraby Drydocks is usually quite deserted. Camp Bronze Lake is probably one of my favourite spots, because it's pretty much a hotspring with tables and chairs and a completely vacated bar. But that's in the level 30s so it's a bit more difficult to make THAT a hub. Long story short. My vote is with Fallgourd Float.
  7. Yeah don't worry about it. It's free after all! Why would we badger you for stuff you intended to make on the side anyways. =P Take your tiiime, don't worry about us.
  8. you CAN discard them. I accidentally grab the wrong one at the start(just went down the list too fast clicking buy) and all I had to do was right click discard and it went poof. Reeeeally? I wasn't able to at all. It was greyed out, completely unclickable. I wonder why~
  9. For all those wanting to get rid of these things if you bought the wrong one or something. You may not be able to discard them, or sell or trade. HOWEVER! THERE IS HOPE! Enter the Inn at one of the three adventuring guilds and put it into the Armoire! That thing only accepts a few random items such as seasonal stuff, and it -DOES- take the swim gear~ This will unclog your inventories!
  10. Alllll of this. I'm certainly more focused on crafting right now than I am on RPing... I suspect I'll probably wind up maxing all the crafts to 50 before I start actively -searching- for RP. But, I'll never turn it down if it crops up!
  11. This. I am 100% with this! I personally haven't found any abuse or hate or trolling at all on Balmung. In fact, I was RPing a rather mushy gooey 'D'aw dats adorable' scene on a rock in the North Shroud. And some guy actually whispered me, cause he was leveling Botany, and was within range of our emotes and pretty much said. "That was an extremely sweet read, thank you for making this so much better." My experiences are obviously not like everyone elses, but if we smack a 'RP' server label on Balmung / Gilgamesh. I just view it as more of a target for trolls. Our community is -massive- as we've seen with the Gala, and I'm sure there's a bunch more that couldn't make it, or didn't even know! We don't need a label, because we've established a footing and gotten comfy here already. In personal opinion, if they opened up new server, specifically for RP. I wouldn't move at all. I'd keep my butt firmly cemented to Balmung, we've spent months prior to launch tip toeing around the server subject. My feet are in the water. I ain't moving!
  12. I'd certainly be willing to RP with you C'vah~ It's quite possible Koyu was part of your original Tribe. He was originally part of the Coeurl tribe, but he was kicked out and stripped of the name. BUT As onto the topic of 'can't find RP' it's extremely true. Most of the RP I've done has been between a select handful of people and we usually keep it to party chat (Mainly because I'm too busy weaving to move.) Occasionally we fan out, but we often try to go off the beaten track. It's extremely rare for me to RP in Major Cities, namely because I don't enjoy spamming other people's chat who might not even know what RP is! POINT IN FACT; Walk up RP is extremely hard to come by right now, so I'd suggest making friends, or slapping yourself in Linkshells! And this thread is a step in the right direction! ...But yeah I'm Koyu Tia. Poke me if you're bored~ :sleepy:
  13. Runs to the hills before the debate of sexualization in video games erupts. In seriousness, I'm not really one to talk considering I'm a man, and of all things my sexuality is astronomically unfitting to even talk on it. However, the way I usually view it is from a lore perspective. It's true it could just be fan service, in fact it's most likely it is! But in this 'world' and 'time period' I guess it's just part of their society. To my understanding, Miqo'te tribes are few and far between, so the ones who live in cities, maaybe are shunned by race? And are left to the streets and stuff. I think it's based on the idea that Miqo'te as a race aren't as publicly accepted as the rest, and they've been denied employment and such. Of course I have absolutely nooo idea and haven't really read lore to support that. That's just what I assume.
  14. Frankly, I don't see the issue with this at all. If we're going to get into that whole debacle. MOST people 'get their rocks off' constantly, females and males alike do it, if they want to do it by immersing themselves in a fantasy scenario. More power to them in my opinion. Of course, keep it out of public chat, but that's pretty standard. I usually keep even just kissing and such in private chats, because I don't enjoy being stared down at.
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