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  1. Thank you for the replies! I will take a look when I am not stuck at work on my phone.
  2. Thank you! I am having a ridiculous amount of fun indulging my inner weeb.
  3. Hi I'm RdR, or Rabbit, although I've worn many hats in the past. It's been roughly a year or so since I've seriously played or RPed in FF14 and I've been having so much fun getting back in and playing with my samurai girl, Kaede. I have an extremely small handful of friends left here, but more is always better so I'm looking to gather up some more RP pals! Here's some info about Kaede: Bright and enthusiastic, Kaede is sometimes not the smartest of women but she likes to think that she makes up with it in attitude. Barely anything phases her and she lives her life with enough optimism for even the most cynical of friends. Raised on tales of heroic samurai, honour and justice are important to her, and she exists mostly for the very premise of hunting down evil-doers and righting wrongs, but in practice has very little experience of actually doing so. Somewhat masculine in appearance, Kaede's likes and dislikes actually veer more into suprisingly feminine. She loves things that she considers to be cute even if they don't suit her. She has learned sewing skills from her mother even if she's not particularly good at it. And she is often impressed and inspired by other women who fit the elegant, beautiful stereotype of ladies from Hingashi even if she does not. She dislikes folk who are dishonest and callous: in her opinion people should always endeavour to be compassionate and kind. With her views of the world typically black and white, Kaede could be called naïve. Certainly she lacks in objective wisdom from time to time. This may be a symptom of her own youth, something she is not very keenly aware of but she has a great many dreams and expectations of herself, and works hard to achieve her goals whilst also lifting up her peers in the process. Playtimes & Server I'm on Balmung. I'm UK based so I am on GMT, however I work nights and an EST schedule tends to suit me just as well as EU! What sort of connections and RP you are looking for Friends and acquaintences! Kaede has been living in Kugane for the past three years and may know other folk from the area. An FC - I am looking for somewhere that is LGBT+ friendly and intolerant of things like sexism, transphobia, homophobia and racism etc. In the past I have joined FCs/guilds/game equivalent that have touted themselves as being inclusive but there is always that ONE member or officer who gets away with posting gross jokes or whatever. I'm not really interested in sharing space with places that do the whole 'we value free speech' thing as a catch-all for excusing people with problematic opinions and behaviour. I consider myself an intersectional feminist and I would like to be with people who share the same ideals. If that's you, we're friends now. Sorry, it's the law. Any relelvant links to Tumblr, Wiki, etc.: Kaede has a wiki page here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Kaede_Gozen I have a newly made tumblr over at http://rosedustrabbit.tumblr.com/ If you think I'd be a good match for you and yours, please hit me up in this thread, PMs or in game!
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