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  1. Time & Location Jan 27, 7:00 PM EST Kusakari Industries H.Q within the Mists, Ward 6 Plot 44 About The Event Kusakari Industries is proud to announce its doors will be open to the general public in an open house event. Get to know the wonderful and experienced staff members and take a small glimpse at what it means to be an employee of this illustrious and adventurous company. Feast on the many dishes from or master world chef or enjoy a refreshing beer from our oncoming brewery. Partake in a small tour of the company, witness a live sparring event with two of our most talented operatives, win prizes and much more. Who are we? Founded by Kumokiri Kusakari, we started as an international silk trading company, renowned for our masterwork fabrics and textile, delivered all through-out the known world via well networked trade routes. However, over the span of a year Kusakari Industries has expanded considerably, opening new departments and welcoming adventurous undertakings into operative-based strike missions. More about that during our Open House. So come, eat, socialize, and take look at just what it is we do at... Kusakari Industries. Contact: Kumokiri Kusakari Dominique Nightwing Kojhin Oronir (Disclaimer: The Date on the Flyer SHOULD BE Jan 27, 2019)
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