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  1. Probably reached maximum carbuncle load.
  2. I. Basic Info Characters:Atrien Estriel, Elys Estriel Primary character:Atrien Estriel Linkshells:None, will be looking Primary RP linkshell:None, will be looking II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Any. I'll go light or none if a non-rp'er is in the group/raid. I tend to stay in character unless it's clear another conversation participant is not rp'ing. Views on RP combat and injuries: Even if the result is randomized through PvP or /random I'd prefer a private discussion and a little planning beforehand.
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    @Annaveil I confess, my character's back-story is unduly influenced by a recent re-read of the Liaden series by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee. The family/clan oriented mindset sounded fun. @Teardrop Atrien and any secondary characters (the sisters) will be Midlander for now. I will definitely be posting back story and other tidbits on lodestone, especially as in-game experience fleshes out what fits within the lore. I'm wary of trapping myself. I'm working on Atrien's cataclysm scenes now, but I'm still unsure what others remember about individuals that participated in the batt
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    MMORPG background Ultima Online, Everquest, Everquest 2, FFXI, FFXIV 1.0, Tera, Rift, GW2, Star Wars Galaxies, SWTOR, many more. Mostly EQ1/2 and FFXI RP experience Pen and Paper: DnD, ADnD (greyhawk, forgotten realms), Rolemaster, Shadowrun, Star Wars Character ideas/info Atrien is the current head of the Estriel family. Thanks to his mother's obsession with the family dwindling, he pesters his sisters about marriage and obsesses about increasing the family power base through his own actions. He places accumulation of wealth, renown, and political power through his own a
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