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  1. >.> It also shows how badass the healers are. You need to have a regen on you or a quick heal or you'll die to the dot right after meteor hits lol.
  2. Can't find the source I found it on but I'll keep looking.
  3. Oh! Last I recall Yoshi said in one of his videos that he would like to shift the economy so that it somewhat surrounds housing along side 3 months of booming economy and 3 months of a recession. Helps give you an idea on what items and crafting materials will be blooming for a few months and a reason why if they drop all of a sudden in profit.
  4. This is sort of my experience with gathering and crafting as well. I gather mats, I craft stuff, I see what's making money on the market, I sell it. That's how I've made most of my money so far. If the stuff in this game is not worth anything, then how does everyone else make their money? Leve quests? FATE grinding? I am not doubting anyone's words, I am just curious because I certainly see value in the materials I need for crafting. And, most of my crafted items sell for a lot more than the cost of the materials that I can't or won't gather. Also, I am only a leather-worker so far. Not even a level 50 one. crystals and either food or mats that make food used for end game raiding alongside housing items. Only method I see that keeps a decent pace while everything else is slow at selling. Be careful with crystals though SQUEE is still looking there to catch RMT soo, small chance you could run into a GM depending on how large and quick you sell crystals/shards
  5. Pretty much this. I feel exactly the same way about Korean games so I won't even touch Wildstar plus.. I don't like MMORPGs that focus on having guns as the primary weapons for the game. Props on the character graphics, spot on in exactly copying WoW though.. the models.. especially the females.. No thank you. World of Darkness I'm interested in only because it will have Perma-death in it, so you're forced to tread carefully in a game like that aside that I will stick to FFXIV or go back to WoW when WoD comes out (Which I doubt.. the game is running out of stuff that makes it fun like back in BC, who knows.. GhostCrawler who I blame for this has now left Blizzard.)
  6. This would only work out if it was a Free Company farming items needed for CUL whether for money or to make food for the FC raiders. The animals for CUL are the only thing worth farming like that for those reasons.
  7. Quite a bit and you'll have catching up to due since 2.2 is not far away at all anymore.
  8. People pretty much explain the basics to War so I feel no need to share my rotation. Obviously if you're tanking you use your enmity generating combo alongside your Storm Path combo(have it up almost always) for optimal tanking. Dps wise.. unless War is using his attributes point into str is pretty on par with paladin and I think a War can get away with doing that at i90. For Cross-Class skills Provoke Internal Release Convalesence Flash Featherfoot These are the ones I use only. Awareness is completely useless unless you're handling a large group of mobs or speed running a dungeon. Bosses don't crit. I also believe Second Wind, I feel is no help either because the CD is long and the potency isn't strong at all, it is more viable for a dps. Featherfoot's 15% evasion trumps Second Wind any day. Now for your default CDs. BloodBath+Vengence - I use these two combine only when doing big mob pulls, adding Overpower(Not lol spamming it of course) and Steel Cyclone to this. Enimity generation and helps the healers.. Mainly used in lol runs on 4 man content I can smash. Thrill of Battle - I use this either when I'm low on HP or to counter a certain mechanic skill a Boss(At low HP as well below 50%) will do since it increases overall HP and adds more HP to your current pool based the difference from your regular HP from ToB HP cap. You don't end up losing HP if you use this to counter a move (Except Twin's death sentence) Exsample: Titan HM/EM -> Incoming MB, counter with ToB. I also have this macro to use a se.# noise and letting the party know I use it, Thrill of Battle also increases the heal on Scholar's lustrate and a spell I don't know that white mages use. Vengence - This is situational. Short CD for what it does.. I use this as see fit, whether to help healers out and give them a quick breather or to eat a certain boss mechanic attack. Foresight - I never leave this off CD for long, pop it whenever you can. Inner Beast - Same rules for Vengence applies to this as well. Though on boss fights you want to use this a counter attack on incoming unique attacks. ex: Mountain buster, Hood Swing, Garuda's attack, Ifrit's attack, Twin's Death sentence, etc. It'll save your liiiife. Holmgang - Eeeh.. EEEEH. Because of 2.0 I half the time forget about this (baddie, I know.) Its pretty awesome only because the CD for it is not long at all. The use of this varies as well. If you think you won't survive the next attack, use it. If you think you can't survive a bosses's special attack? Use it. you can also use this attack if you trust your healers as a root to keep you in place from pushback attacks like Titan Egis in extreme mode, Demon wall in AK or Divebombs in Twintania (Don't use Holmgang to eat divebombs lol you'll regret it. >.< unless you got it on super farm or something, just giving a example.) This is my two piece on how our default CDs- Well how I use my CDs. Everyone really pretty much explained how War works, we're the guys that basically have to know the fight to know what to expect and how/what to counter with according with the boss fight. Inner beast is a key move for saving your life if the boss just have lolwhatthehell hit moves (Like Twintania.. God I hate her.)
  9. How it is suppose for phase 2 is that casters kill the Main Tank Soldiers and melee kill Knight on the MT once those are dead they switch over to the Off Tank's adds and kill the exact same ones they were killing on the MT's side. Now if you only have 1 caster dps have the melee help kill the Soldier. How they are doing it would just increase the duration of the fight and not promise you'll live through Phase 6. They should really stick to the methods that have proven to work instead. So they aren't stressing over doing it in a method that is unneed
  10. No, never make them split off and dps seperate soldiers. You're gonna wanna focus the first one down that doesn't have the caster absorbing stoneskin on it and move on to the next one together. Never branch off and kill separate things on your own in T4, kill in the assigned order given for your group comp. That's the thing. The group essentially split us two BLM up onto both soldiers (me on the OT the other on the MT). I was told to go to the OT's soldier. How is that working out? Not trying to sound rude, I am just curious because I see that as a no no. It would just take longer to kill the the adds which is something you don't want. Bigger no no if the melee are doing the same and then helping you guys with it cause of the melee stonekin they have.
  11. Ahh, just saying I have i90 PLD and do T4 every week. I never have DPS pull mobs off me. I think your strategy is a work around for a tank that has low threat output. Like I said, if it works for you it works for you, but it just seems a rather convoluted way to go around it. Good tanks in T4 should have no problem with threat, regardless of the amount of dps, and since most groups wipe because of a lack of DPS, telling a new BLM to worry about threat is questionable advice. BLM should be worrying about maximizing DPS, kill orders, and when to use cooldowns, it's the tank's job to worry about threat, not theirs. If you are a BLM and you pull threat, don't sweat it, I'll cover you. Just because I don't think your T4 strategy is universally applicable for all BLMs in all groups, doen't mean I "am working purely with theory and not experience". Its also skill input, when I pugged coil for a bit I even saw i90 tanks losing hate to dps.. gotta factor that in as well. I tell my dps to never hold back in T4 because its a race lol but it does seem like you're workin around the tank though Aeri.
  12. No, never make them split off and dps seperate soldiers. You're gonna wanna focus the first one down that doesn't have the caster absorbing stoneskin on it and move on to the next one together. Never branch off and kill separate things on your own in T4, kill in the assigned order given for your group comp.
  13. Yeah that sounds about right for a BLM. I think my BLM does the same as well for second dread. There are a few methods of handling T4 effectively and that is one way. Virus is still nice to have in case for anything since you have 2 twos and what not.
  14. Its involving Gambit, don't know much from Yoshi's post but it involves the Gambit. This could be a change intended for 2.2 but I really don't see why they was embed it in the 2.16 patch, seems dumb to me because of risks like we saw yesterday lol.
  15. Statics are gonna still be important. Even with nerfs I still see current content still being difficult.
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