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  1. Thanks Faye! I thought that would be the case but I just wanted to check as it is going to be a while longer before I can get in game to check myself.
  2. Due to RL constraints I've been unable to play FFXIV since the base Shadowbringers patch, but when I am able to return(hopefully prior to Endwalker) I intend to start making preparations for making my main into a Sage for roleplay going forward as I very much like the concept of the Noulith Weilding barrier healer that controls the flow of their own Aether for their magic. I'm currently brainstorming ideas for character background and I think I have a decent basic concept but obviously can't flesh it out until I know more about Sages. I was wondering is there any Sage lore being shown in game
  3. Hello there and welcome! Good to see another roleplayer on Omega. I fully understand the shyness, I've been roleplaying for over 20 years and I still get nervous about approaching strangers. Omega has quite a vibrant roleplay community and the Chaos(formally Omega only but it expanded) discord is a great resource for finding and connecting with people; you and your partner may already be aware of it but here is a link just incase https://discord.gg/kRUcnGcj7e. I've been away from the game for a little while myself thanks to issues in the real world so I'm not sure on the roleplay l
  4. I completely accept that your experience is different Kira, I don't really see us as being on opposite sides of the fence we just have different experiences giving us different perspectives; both of us can be right at the same time in this kind of thing. RP communities in mmo's are large and spread across different timezones whilst individual players might only see a relatively small corner of it, so it's entirely possible for us to have totally different perceptions and both be 100% accurate. I did say in my original post that I find the variety of different orientations and relat
  5. Speaking personally I couldn't care what gender other players are OOC, shouldn't make the slightest scrap of difference imo hence why I didn't mention it in my post. Was just adding my agreement that hetrosexual relationships in RP are much more difficult to come by compared to what they once were, even just 5 years ago it was noticibly easier.
  6. On the original topic, I too have found that straight orientation RP relationships, whether your character is male or female are much more difficult to come by than they used to be. When I started roleplaying in video games, in the late 90's the balance between hetrosexual and homosexual relationships was roughly equal with hetrosexual ones being slightly more common; though the prevelence of She-male, Futa and Transgender characters was a great deal lower than it is now. Whilst I feel the variety of different gender characters and orientations in relationships is an awesome thing,
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