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  1. Fc Name: White Maiden Wolves Fc Tag: <<Wsect>> Fc House Address: Plot 30, 14th ward The Lavender beds Type of FC: PvE, RP, Mature 18+ Fc Theme: Hunting/Military/Slice of Life/Religious/Seeker of the Sun Active time: weekday/weekends evenings (est) Recruitment: Open Contact: @66chambers#4515 (W'Hkan) Links https://wmwolves.carrd.co/ IC Once having claimed a territory along the White Maiden River, the natives Wolves of the Northern Shroud have fallen from grace; penance for their past actions under the guidance of an entranced mind. However, with the veil removed and clarity returned to their keep, under the watchful eye of the Twin Adders, they seek to rebuild and return the name of The Great Hunter to glory and them along with it. OOC White Maiden Wolves is a Seeker Tribe under the acronym of The Wolf (W’), dominated by a strict Tribal and Earthbound aesthetic. Militant aspects are inspired by their ongoing cooperation with the Twin Adders (IC), while keeping to the communal atmosphere of the pack’s founding principles. On the whole, we seek individuals willing to grow and cultivate their stories under the way of The Wolf, maintaining their character ‘selves’ and furthering the rejuvenation of the pack. With weekly activities (both FC and Player inspired), we want to bring a joined take on the growth of the pack as well as provide an environment for those within (and allies too!) to create and share their stories.
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