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  1. Hello to all reading this! I'll start with a bit about me, so folks know what they are getting into. I've been RPing for quite a few years now, in a variety of formats (tabletop, MUDs and MUSHes, chat rooms, MMOs), and consider myself a decent writer, able to work with other people's ideas as well as my own to make interesting stories. I'm semi new to FFXIV. Just finished the ARR quests, heading into the Heavensward stuff, though doing so slowly since I'm dabbling with crafting and gathering as well. My time is relatively open, though most of my RP time tends to be in the evenings, EST time zone. What I am looking for are contacts for plots and adventures, companions that J'Verik would hang out with and even possible romantic connections for him down the line. I'm a huge sucker for slice of life and 'casual' RP, things that build character growth and development. And on to the good stuff! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J'Verik Nuhn (Balmung Server) J'Verik is a Miqo'te, a Seeker of the Sun. For the last few years he's been a mercenary (a term he prefers to adventurer as it sounds more professional and 'adept'), working all over Eorzea. He's had contacts with smaller free companies, the Grand Companies and individuals, doing work as a bodyguard, troubleshooter, explorer and generally whatever someone needs doing and is willing to pay for, so long as it does not go against his own code of conduct. He's recently started 'settling' a bit, looking at growing his wealth and setting up a more permanent base of operations. To that end he's been looking to make contacts for more regular and long term work as well as more social contacts, which he's been a bit short on over the last few years. A survivor of the Battle of Carteneau, he still carries the scars, both physical and emotional, of that day. There is a definite bias against Garleans, as he blames them for all that happened that day and the loss of his tribe and family. Aside from that he gets on well with most people, though the newest 'arrivals' to Eorzean shores, the Viera and Hrothgar, are quite fascinating for the similarities and contrasts to his own way of life. For a bit more in-depth information on him, I'm including a link to a carrd page I made for him, rather than simply copying all that information here! https://jverik-nuhn.carrd.co/#
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