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  1. Hi! I'm fairly new to FFXIV but not at all new to roleplaying. I've definitely never had the chance to RP in a game like this, but I've done my fair share of it between friends in D&D games and just in writing in general. I'm a part of a FC already, but that's just because a friend of mine let me into his to help with the early game grind. They, however, prefer to grind raids and whatnot, while I prefer gathering/crafting. I've heard of tavern events and 18+ night activities, but my FC has never really been one for those (mostly because we don't really talk to each other), and I want to join a FC that focuses on the RP'ing part of the game as well. I'm a tank with a ranger and healer in the works, but of everything I prefer weaving the most. TL;DR: looking for some people to rp with on top of just regularly playing the game -Aiya Kolani
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