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  1. Premise In the Coerthas Central Highlands, buried in the snow, was a hospice called Halone's Halls. When the Calamity turned the region of Coerthas into a frozen hellhole, it was swiftly abandoned: many of the patients had been killed in the Calamity, or died in the streets later on. Staff that worked Halone's Halls were either killed or had moved on to other duties. Among the discarded patient files and medical texts works a diligent group of "scientific mercenaries" - researchers for hire, with a grey morality code. Where other researchers dare not probe due to ethics or danger, they will go. Whoever gives them money for research does not matter (so long as they aren't Garlean - Rex Raedwulf has a history with the Garleans that they'd rather not repeat), Ulaan Sar will help them. Roles Ulaan Sar, despite being a scientific organization, has multiple roles within its ranks. Researcher: Those who do the research of Ulaan Sar, the nucleus of the operation. Provisioner: Those that hunt for food or acquire specimens (living or dead) for research. Medic: The medics of Ulaan Sar that keep everyone in tip top shape. Soldier: Those that defend the organization. Intel: The tactical and intelligence-gathering division of Ulaan Sar. Mortician: Those that deal with the dead before, during, or after experimentation. Benefits of the Free Company Ulaan Sar is a Rank 10 Free Company with a small plot house in the Lavender Beds (Ward 6, Plot 20). The house has chocobo stables and a workshop with an operational airship. We also have a Discord in which we post helpful information, set up events, and chatter. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and are a safe space for people old and new. We believe in welcoming people of various roleplay experience levels within our ranks, and we are willing to help those that wish to improve their skills. How to Apply You can send me a message here, or reply to this thread, or /tell Rex Raedwulf@Brynhildr (my main) in game if I'm online.
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