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  1. Hello all, While I'm fairly new to FF14 RP (started a few weeks ago) I'm not a newcomer to RP in general. What I'm really hoping to find is other seekers from the viper clan in Thanalan. Very specific, I know but my fingers are crossed. I think it would be neat to have family essentially. That being said, new friends of any kind to RP with is fantastic so even if you're not a sand viper, please reach out! L'omi is an amateur chocobo racer and trainer. An avid (but terrible) Majong player who enjoys food stalls and shopping. I don't always like to put too much detail down (especially character history) as I think that's more fun to uncover though RP. Speaking of, I'm open to most RP themes though L'omi is not a fighter, magic user or really has no place on a battlefield so she can't do much in that regard. But if you've got a sick chocobo, let her know! Anyway, here's my card: https://lomi-nagho.carrd.co/# Looking forward to meeting some new folks!
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