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  1. The bells had just struck the seventh evening hour when Kayne collapsed onto a bed. He was lucky enough to share a small barracks room with another new recruit, a male lalafel named Linsa Alinsi. Everything on him ached, though his head hurt the most. He had never read or studied so much in his life, and his ears still rang from all the shouting his instructor did when a question was answered incorrectly. Stifling a groan, Kayle rolled onto his side and felt something stab him in the thigh. Instinctively reaching for his knapsack - which he kept on even while laying there - his fingers gr
  2. Kayne stood before a large roegadyn who paced back and forth in front of him. He was in line with other would-be marauders, and today was the first day of training for them all. The large roegadyn - whose name was Blitnzfyun - eyed each of them as he continued to pace, meaty hands behind his back. "So, this is what they give me to work with today. A sorry lot the whole of you. But I'll make something of you, oh my the Navigator I will!" Stopping his pacing, Blitnzfyun spun to point a sausage thick finger at the miqo'te next to Kayne. "You! What is your name!" "N'benwa, sir.
  3. Gazing up at the Coral Tower, Kayne swallowed hard. He wasn't a very courageous man, but by the Twelve did his knees tremble. ((All I have to do is cross that threshold. Just move, damnit!)) Kayne cursed his nerves, clenching his fists hard enough to feel nails dig into palms. ((One foot at a time)) Doing just that, the young hyur pushed forward and through the main door to the Marauder's Guild. The sounds of shouts and grunts echoed around him, steel clanging against steel ringing through his ears. Men and women from all races sparred and exercised with those instructed.
  4. Liminsa Lominsa was much larger than he expected - given Kayne really only visited the taverns when he came to the city. Not only was there an entire section of the city dedicated to trade, but there were also shops tucked in many small corners around the middle of the thoroughfares. Kayne used the time to not only become familiar with Limsa Lominsa, but to also make notes on the map he was given. Each aetheryte he came across was attunted to and marked down. Each shop was given a symbol with a notation on what kind of shop it was. The guilds for culinarians, armorsmiths, and blacksmiths
  5. The Drowning Wench was just as busy as any other day. Kayne weaved his way around patrons, waitstaff, and what he surmised to be adventurers walking towards the tavern's exit. He had to push back the urge to sit and order a pint or two. He was here on business, and straightened his spine. He had met Baderon a few times before, so there was no difficulty finding the pirate turned barkeep behind the decorative bar at the back of the tavern. A sign was carved with the Lominsan flag on it, and there were fliers and posts of all shapes and sizes on a bulletin board nearby. Kayne paused just a
  6. The next morning, Kayne filled his belly with breakfast, gathered his gear, and bade Miss Barnett farewell before walking down the road to Limsa Lominsa. Dawn was just breaking, leaving morning dew on the grass. The tang of salt in the air was lighter than normal, and Kayne sensed a fair day for anyone on the water. Even at this early hour there were people on the road though mainly merchants and their carts. He could envision in his mind's eye that one day he would be guarding those merchants and his pace picked up. It was a good bell or two before he would make it to the city gate, so h
  7. Resting Marigold carefully against the wall, Kayne went to the table at the side of his bed to set down the linen bag. Miss Barnett promised to bring up clean rags, so might as well leave the bag in a place she can get to. Sitting on the edge of his bed, the hyur took off his boots and laid back on the bed. He never felt it necessary to change his clothes - he only had this one pair anyway - and Miss Barnett will just go and wash them when they got an odor to them. Thinking about his landlady brought a grin to his face. He didn't know much about her, but what he did know made her all the
  8. The pair sat in silence as they continued to clean the vegetables before them. Kayne brought up a good point. It didn't take long before word started spreading around Limsa about him and all the mishaps he had created. But Miss Barnett wasn't about to give up. Slamming her palm down on the counter, the elezen stood from her seat. "I got an idea! Ye wait right 'ere, lad. Be right back." And with that, Kayne watched his landlady walk out the back door of the kitchen. Shrugging, he went back to peeling the carrots one by one, making a neat pile on the counter. *SLAM*
  9. So, I've been writing down some words used in Limsa Lominsa in reagards to what is considered 'pirate speech'. The reason I did this, is because some words can be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to sentence flow. You know with all the 'fer' and the like. So below is what I have run into so far and their meanings (to the best of my understanding). Hopefully this will help future RPers understand Kayle as well! 'twould = it would o' = of an' = and n' = used at the end of a word for 'ing' ye = you yer = your me = can
  10. "You have got to be joking." For the upteenth time, the young hyur sighed, striding over to the cowering boy by the water's edge. "All you 'ave to do is get in the damned boat, Kayne! It's not that 'ard!" He shouted to his brother as the space between them got smaller, and Darryn groaned as a noise - and a certain smell - struck him. "Navigator preserve me, ye pissed yer pants again? It's a bloody boat, Kayne! Not a monster!" "I can't 'elp it! I'm scared!" Kayne, now 10, shuddered and gripped the sides of his head. "I don't feel good, Darryn. I want to go 'ome."
  11. I. Basic Info Characters: Kayne Allond Primary character: Kayne Allond Linkshells: -- Primary RP linkshell: -- II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I would like to focus on heavy RP Views on RP combat and injuries: I am all for RP combat as Kayne is an adventurer and will be fighting alot. Any injuries please contact me beforehand Views on IC romance: No issues here! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): -- Views on lore: I want to do my best to stick to lore, though I am new to FF14. V
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