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  1. I think the only way around that is to have Lancer as a second class that you level up and have already progressed the storyline with another class.
  2. With the Armory system we can -in theory- level everything on just one character. With the old system in 1.0 it became quite expensive to have several characters, as each additional character made your monthly fee rise. In ARR however, at least I know for Legacy players, we can make up to 8 characters on the same sever and these will not cost anything extra. Given the fact that storyline quests are not repeatable I am wondering how realistic it is to level all classes and jobs on one character if we look at content available? With the free alts wouldn't it be more fun to have the traditional setup of characters where they all have certain specializations and you would be able to see all the cities story. What are your plans? Stick with one and grind all classes or play with alts?
  3. As the rules for creating a LS have changed in ARR I am going to setup an Hydaelyn RP LS for Sarga called Hydaelyn Rosa (Hydaelyn ROleplayers on SArgatanas). This will enable us to consolidate and make setting up events or general communications much easier among RP-ers on Sarga. EDIT: LS has been created. First members are in!
  4. Hi! Welcome to Sarga. Indeed it is better to play your new shiny than to wait idle with no real timeframe on when you can roll on Balmung. Great that you rolled on Sarga, we are still with few, but at least it will be fun to get to know eachother better this way. :tonberry:
  5. Welcome to Sarga, Dubhine! I'll try to add you next time I am online.
  6. I got Yuin and Lorahsande in my list now, though when I tried to send a tell to Lorah this afternoon you were bound by duty and could not receive any tells. I will retry tomorrow and try to add Sephi and Leo as well. :moogle: Perhaps we could start a Linkshell for the RP people on Sarga? As Free Companies are now guilds and Linkshells are pretty much degraded to fancy chat channels, we could use a LS to group us together without having to form a Free Company! :thumbsup: :tonberry:
  7. :moogle: Great that you responded! :thumbsup: Unfortunately I was unable to login all evening due to the server being full and the queue system not working. :evil: But next time I get online I will add you to my friend's list. :tonberry:
  8. :chocobo: :moogle: Hello Kupo! Do you want to meet up with fellow roleplayers, but you have not got a cozy spot at either Balmung or Gilgamesh? Are you calling the world of Sargatanas your home? Then I would like to meet up! Shoot me a friend's request at character: Cyriac Daventria I would love to get into contact with RPers on Sarga. Perhaps we can use this thread to consolidate contacts? :tonberry: Walk in light!
  9. My client totals at 9.11GB. Looks to be fine!
  10. Thank you guys! Well, penniless1, I am not sure how easy it will be to switch to the 'unofficial RP server' once early access starts? But as Balmung is a Legacy server I suspect I would have had to switch my legacy character over at the time you could choose a server with the mergers... oh well, we'll see. :angel:
  11. I had not read this post before. Great read, thanks for sharing!
  12. :chocobo: Good day, travellers! --MMORPG background I have been a bit of an MMO nomad. My introduction to MMO's was WoW. Which I have played for quite a long time. Change of job and home location prevented me from playing any online games for a few years, so that ended my WoW 'career'. After regaining my internet connection I found my former friends had moved on. A long time of hopping from game to game resulted, never really finding that special something in a game / community again. I have always been a FF fan and when FFXIV 1.0 launched, despite the game itself, I did find a wonderful community again, so I am looking forward to my new home with ARR. --RP experience I have been in a few Pen and Paper RPG groups and have dabbled a bit in light RP-ing in MMO's, but the 'electronic way' of RP-ing is much different than the live version. So I do not consider myself an experienced roleplayer when it comes to online gaming. I do know, however, that it tends to give the most fun and friendly community experience. --Character ideas/info My Legacy character Moon Well is pretty low level (20 ish) still, due to massive performance problems with the v1.0 client limiting my play. I think I am going to reroll a brand new character. I am not on Balmung, nor Gilgamesh, though... My default world is Sargatanas. --How did you learn about the coalition? Sequence Break podcast! --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? I think I will fall into the light / medium category. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) Just that I am a parent. We have a baby boy and that means my play time is limited. I would love to get into contact with other parents in-game. :tonberry: Looking forward to tomorrow!
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