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  1. You could be a bit more understanding towards the frustration people who want to take part in the community are feeling regarding being locked out of said community by Squeenix. I believe we have a breakdown of communication here. I am in no way telling the people whom are locked out "tough luck". I'm merely telling Fenrir that we selected Gilgamesh for a reason, and that proved to be an excellent choice based on the current RP population ON Gilgamesh. There is no point in trying to change it now, or whining about the fact that we did choose it. All it does is flaunt an arrogant "LOLITOLDYOUSO". To those of you whom cannot play, I am deeply sorry for this. And I wish you all the luck in the world of coming to play with us soon. If you become impatient and elect to play on another server? I wish you all the best and understand your decision.
  2. And risked being on a forever low-pop realm? No thanks, I rather like Gilgamesh and it's large community. I'm having a blast. That's great for you cupcake. It doesn't invalidate my point. I'm afraid it does sweetiepie, point for point? A LOT more people are enjoying Gilgamesh than people whom cannot log in. We have what? 128 members in the LS? More? That's insane for day one. That may not have gone as well on another server.
  3. And risked being on a forever low-pop realm? No thanks, I rather like Gilgamesh and it's large community. I'm having a blast.
  4. AND ladies. <_< I'm sure Noire smacked him good. Don't worry. She actually just did upon reading this. Thank you for that. :frustrated:
  5. Hm. Well my PS3 decided it had to download 1.8 GB of data, so it's possibly version specific. But a small patch and punching in info is still progress! Better to do it now than when the servers go up and there's possible congestion, right?
  6. Just checked it, my launcher began patching. GENTLEMEN! TO YOUR MACHINES! IT BEGINS!
  7. I'm already planning on going to bed stupid early tomorrow so I can get up at 5 AM EST to play. SO STOKED.
  8. That was the general consensus, and Balmung WAS the old server. But a LOT of people had reasons for wanting to start fresh on a new realm. As such, the RP community is already split. Both servers now have their own established communities with accompanying vices and virtues. You and some others see it as needless, others saw it as necessity. But I digress, if you are Balmung-bound? Good luck!
  9. Actually my friend, that's a common misconception. You see, there is NO official RP server, but there are TWO UNofficial RP servers. (Yes! Two! Can you believe it?) Balmung is for Legacy players and non-legacy jointly. Gilgamesh however is an RP server exclusively for the non-legacy lot. Both have very much merit to them along with accompanying strengths and weaknesses. If you are not 100% on Balmung I encourage you to do some research into both and make an educated decision on the best fit for your guild. IF however your heart is set on Balmung, then I am sure you will have an amazing time and wish you all the best. Welcome to the forums! :moogle: As for your major question in terms of "RP hubs" it's a bit early for any established ones. Though the majority of players (and RPers as well I've noticed) tend to hang out in Ul'dah. Good luck!
  10. Luckily for you fine people RPPVP happens to be my specialty, I played on these realms exclusively in WoW. The easiest way I see it working out from a lore perspective? The individual, not the nation. Just because I (if I do select it) side with Gridania, doesn't mean I give a damn about the political side of my faction choice. My nation of selection doesn't have to come in to play with who I have beef with. I could start up a fight with someone, and him being a member of Grid's militia and myself being part of Linsa's could be completely irrelevant. There are many other reasons to war, free companies could be a very simple way of putting it. Arguments over territory, objectives, differing views. Things like that. Or it could just be "Me and my group of buddies dislike yours". You guys are just thinking too hard on it, it could range from war games that are mostly for fun/practice, or it could come right down to bitter rivalry between free companies, rather than grand ones. Hell, even linkshell groups could clash. "He said WHAT about my Chocobo? Oh hell no. AMAARE! ROUND UP THE BOYS! IT'S TIME FOR THE FRONTLINES!"
  11. THANK GOD. I really didn't want to have to level Archer to get Dragoon abilities. I can't stand bow using classes.
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