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  1. As it says people, I have returned! Some months ago, do to a severe lack in financial stability, I had to drop FFXIV:ARR from my bills. But, with a new job providing me ample room to move about, I can return to this beloved world of rp tomfoolery! Hopefully I am remembered even if only somewhat.
  2. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    Update: Hey all, sorry I have been gone for such an extended period of time. The burn I got (seen in a previous post here in the Drift Den) ended up getting pretty badly infected and I had to keep a wrap on it for a long while. I am just now getting to the point where I only have an ointment to put on it and no more wraps meaning it is finally free to go crazy on the keyboard (seriously, up until now I have been typing one-handed). So, all that aside, I do hope that I have missed a ton because that means you all have been having a blasty-blast! I'll be back in Eorzea very, very soon! :thumbsup:
  3. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone! I should be able to be on later today (or tomorrow at the latest). :bouncy:
  4. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    I apologize for not being on recently eveyone. I got a nasty burn and had to go the E.R.
  5. House Sardel

    RL Pictures.

    Sure, why not:
  6. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    Who finally got into Gilgamesh? Why, I am glad you asked Driftwoodians! That would be this guy! Character Name: Jiro'li Tohmin Edit - As an FYI, my former character "Jorah'to Tohmin" is now my main for Balmung.
  7. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    Great shots! I hate that I haven't been able to get on the server or else I could have been in them! :frustrated:
  8. House Sardel

    Final Fantasy D20 - Interest Check

    I am a pen & paper game enthusiast (have been for over a decade now). That being said, Pathfinder is my overall favorite system as it took D&D 3.5 and just made it better. A F.F. d20 game based off these rules = awesome to me!
  9. House Sardel

    Other characters you'd like to make cameos

    [align=center]BALTHIER Because what's any game without the leading man! (And it would be a cool way to introduce guns, a musketeer class, etc to the game)[/align] [align=center] [/align]
  10. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    Yes you may! If we both get in, that is. :dazed:
  11. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    And it is 100% lore-friendly! I am imagining his nickname would be Toto.
  12. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    His name will be Jorah'to Tohmin, but I am still unable to get into Gilgamesh.:frustrated:
  13. House Sardel

    Driftwood Coast (Disbanded)

    I think I just cried a little on the inside. :cry: *pours waterfall tears*
  14. House Sardel

    Name Spelling Assistance

    Edited first post.
  15. House Sardel

    { Balmung} { Hello! } { Nice to meet you. }

    Without exaggeration, this is the best introduction to a character that I have ever seen! Fantastic job and welcome to the Coalition!