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  1. Server: Mateus Location: The Black Shroud, The Central Shroud Who May Mention This: Sentries Rumor: There is a strange fellow stalking about the Central Shroud, just seeming to be relaxing. Whenever you try to get close to him, he just sidles away, but we can't catch up to him. He might be up to something.
  2. 25th Sun of Second Astral Moon I did some running around down in Treespeak today, mostly through Blessed Bud. Those folks down at Treespeak Stables had me hunting these little creatures, Mitelings. They said they startle the Chocobos. I've no mind to disagree with them. They raise the things, not me. I've never even been on one before. But these Mitelings weren't as small as that stablehand made them out to be! These things were the size of large dogs! They reminded me too much of spiders. Hate the things. I figured I'd post up in a tree to pick them off before realizing they could
  3. Server: Mateus Location: The Black Shroud, The North Shroud, Treespeak Who May Mention This: Stable workers and sentries Rumor: Some young hunter is out here telling tall tales, spinning yarns about dragons, heroes, and history too old to really be known. He's probably making up half of it, but his eyes light up so much when he's telling it you almost want to believe him.
  4. MMORPG Background - I have played to the endgame in Archeage and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but I never got super serious into optimization or the raiding communities. I have dabbled in Guild Wars 2, TERA, The Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, and Uncharted Waters Online. I also played quite of a bit of City of Heroes and City of Villains once upon a time, but I was very young. This all being said, I still very much consider myself a noob to MMORPG's as a whole. RP Experience - I have been roleplaying since I was in middle school. I grew in a house that placed a lot of emphasis
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