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  1. Hello all, I am a seasoned roleplayer who is new to the FF14 setting. I am trying to take the deep dive into roleplay, but honestly I find myself crippled by the fear of getting the lore wrong so I was hoping that some people here could help me. In particular, I have some questions about the Samurai in this setting and how they work. My questions are the following: Do the Samurai of FF14 resemble the samurai of real life? (Do they have lords that they serve, clans that they are part of, ect) Or are Samurai in ff14 more of the archetypical warrior who has a fancy
  2. Hello all, I am a seasoned roleplayer who is new to the FF14 setting, and so I have been doing research to familiarize myself with the lore before diving into RP. In particular, I have been reading up on the Xaela and I am really into the Mongolian vibe that they appear to have. Based on what I have read, I am under the impression that they do not typically leave their tribes or the Azim Steppe, and so my question is this: If you have a Xaela adventurer, how did you justify them leaving the Azim Steppe? Furthermore, how does your Xaela get on with others? From what I ha
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