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  1. Welcome back :3 Me or a Co-Leader need to invite you, I will check to see if you're ingame but it's Sully Xura, Mal Sionis, Raeth Xura or Korin Relanah who can invite you so if you search for ether of these people ingame and whisper us we can throw you an invite.
  2. It's likely just everyone trying to get back in, lots of us have been kicked out :C. I went through a 900 queue just to be punted out again.
  3. We are still in the EU timezone and that is essentially what this linkshell is for. So I don't see any reason why you'll not be able to join. I live in the UK myself so all will be fine .
  4. The Europa LS has been remade, We've got plenty of space now so if you're looking for an invite or are still in the old LS give Sully Xura, Mal Sionis, Raeth Xura or Korin Relanahl a whisper and we'll invite you in.
  5. I will be remaking Europa on 12/3/16 to free up space and clear out any inactive players so if you're part of Europa already or wish to join our little community feel free to give me a message in game and I will throw you an invite, I will still be part of the Old one until I've managed to grab all the stragglers left over.
  6. Still a couple of slots open for anyone who wants an invite.
  7. Europa is a linkshell for EU players, and people from other regions of the world who play during the EU peak hours (GMT) on Balmung (NA Legacy). Due to time zone differences, EU players are many hours ahead of the majority of the server's RP population. This subsequently means we have less RP and less events going on, and an increased need to stick together and organize. The LS was originally started by Rinh & Taeh then went under Sastra's leadership for some time but is now under my care. Europa serves as both a social hub and a place to find RP. In the chat, we love to see: Looking for RP messages, initiatives to starting RP etc. Advertising for events, and the planning of events - especially those in the EU peak hours. Getting connected with FC companies. We're not interested in seeing macros in the Linkshell, but spreading general awareness of existing and new FC's is encouraged. People requesting help with PVE content, forming groups & raids General chitchat that does not break the rules below Rules: Do not bring drama to the linkshell, take any disputes to /tell. Contact a gold/silver star for assistance if need be. Move personal conversations to /tell when appropriate. Debate and some strong language is expected from time to time, but don't cross the line to the obscene or abusive/vulgar. Behave respectfully towards other members, greet people, welcome new people and do your bit to make the linkshell a happy place to be. When chatting in Europa, please consider not to use excessive amounts of caps lock. Furthermore, private conversations between two people should generally take place in tells. Any breaches of these rules may result in your removal without warning. Who can join? All roleplayers can join, as long as you stick to the rules. We currently only allow 1 character per person to join, due to the LS cap. Please inform us or remove yourself if you know you're going to be in active for a longer period of time. You can always get a re-invite when you return. Contact any of the below for an invitation, or if you have any questions: Mal Sionis Korin Relanah Sully Xura Misuki Akiudo Raeth Xura
  8. I am the healing guinea pig although I do love using my acid breath
  9. Thank you for welcoming me to the forums. I have actually started playing DnD fairly recently because of Neverwinter, Started with Version 4 I'm a Dragonborn Cleric .
  10. I figured that It would be a good idea to introduce myself but as I'm typing this I have no idea what I'm doing exactly so I guess I'll start with my experience with rping. I've been doing this for about eight years on and off, I started doing it with a group of friends I met in high school something like five or six of us which during that time was just standing around and explaining what we do, an example would be where we fight each other explaining where we strike, how we would dodge/block the attack and how we would counter it but it evolved into a full fledged story that went on for five years straight, starting over a fair few times from we ran out of ideas to give it a fresh taste. I've also done rping on a few forums with people I've met from the United States for a few years which disbanded and I floated a drift for awhile having a break from it and now decided that I'll start again and start with FFXIV so I'm going to be quite rusty. I've played a quite a few MMO's WoW, Swtor, Rift, Tera, DC Universe, Neverwinter, Guild wars 2 and Everquest 2 (kinda). That's all I can think of at the moment but it's more than I thought I'd say to be honest and I guess it's a nice start, Hope to see you in game and feel free to give me a /tell at Mal Sionis (He'll be my main). Tata for now.
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