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  1. The second adventure is underway, and things are going better than I could havr hoped. Send mea tell in game for an invite to the LS!
  2. Hi everyone! The first adventure went very smoothly, so things are going to proceed as planned. Weekly adventures will start next week. (I'm out of town this weekend) If anyone is interested, as either a participant or event runner, shoot me a PM, contact me in game, or reply to this thread!
  3. I'll definitely invite you to the LS! Being on an Australian timezone means I can adapt to any other time zone, so it shouldn't be a problem. If I get more event runners and a couple more EU RPers, then it might even be possible to tailor some events to suit EU timezones.
  4. Hey bud. I live in Australia, so if you see me around, say hi!
  5. Going to add a few things here. The adventures will be held between thursday-sunday (within that time frame, not every day) if anyone else is interested, could I also get times of availability, so I can schedule the events for a time when the adventurers will be online. Thanks! I have lots of ideas for jobs, and if anyone is interested in joining as an event runner, please let me know
  6. Greetings adventurers, mercenaries, and other individuals who are in that line of work. I'm putting together a Linkshell called 'Adventurer's Call' for those RPers who are seeking a more combative and 'camping' experience in their RP. The general idea is that each week, a mini-event will be run spanning 1-3 real life days involving an adventuring job. To keep things organized, at least at first, I would like to start it off with just 4 people per event, though if the response to this thread is high enough, then it might be possible to have several 'event-runners' so that multiple jobs can be ran for more than just 4 people. This will be starting next week at the soonest. If there is already something like this out there, could someone please point me to it, but the goal of this is so that RPers can band together, and build friendships through the camaraderie that comes with the 'on-the-job' experience. I've dubbed this 'campfire RP' To summarize, each week, a job will be thought up by the 'event-runner', and a party of 4 (usually including the event-runner) will spend 1-3 days completing the job. The focus is on building friendships through the common cause of completing the mission. If anyone is interested, please contact Aedan Mathis in-game or through PM here on the site. There is no Free Company requisite to taking part, nor do you need to join the LS, though it's recommended to make it easier to stay in touch, and take part in future jobs. if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. Hopefully this post made sense.
  7. OMG that looks so amazing, Lyr! Now to pay up and come up with a plot just for you
  8. Reference pics? I can do that though it will have to wait till I get access to a computer. *is away from home at the moment*
  9. Think you could do one of Aedan? I can pay you in dramatic story arcs
  10. Hi guys, Aedan Mathis here, speaking on behalf of my alt, Nathanial Mathis. Rumors abound of the Amaranth, a pirate vessel which is currently docked in Western Thanalan, at Vesper Bay. Tales tell of the once well-known crew of the Amaranth, who enjoyed their time of prosperity twenty years ago. Word is the Amaranth is flying its colors once more, and they need a crew. For those who reside or frequent the Quicksand in Ul'dah, you might notice a few posters tacked to the walls, which read: 'Calling all adventurers! Tired of scraping by with an empty coinpurse? Looking for purpose? Head to Vesper Bay and ask for Nathanial Mathis. Life on the seas is a life well-lived.' OOC information is as such: The Amaranth, and Nate, are based around an ongoing story arc, pitting the two (Aedan and Nate) against each other. Choose a side, be involved in the story, whatever you wish. If interested, send a /tell to either Nathanial Mathis, or Aedan Mathis.
  11. Aedan

    Hello All

    Welcome! It's nice to see you did some research, I'll be honest I was the exact same. If you see me around, don't be shy, just walk up and say hi. I'm pretty much always in the mood to RP.
  12. Think you could do one of Aedan? <3
  13. Well, Aedan is mostly influenced by his backstory, which dictates how he responds to each situation. But his backstory in turn was influenced by Supernatural. So I've noticed that his personality resembles two different characters. Dean Winchester, in his devotion to his family and that kind of 'daddy's boy' thing he's got going; and Naruto, with his stubborn determination and general hot-headedness.
  14. I'm just adding on a few bits and pieces here and there, but it occurs to me that the description of the plot is pretty vague. The reason for that is because, while I have so many ideas on where to take this, I dont want a potential RPer to feel trapped by the story, which is why there isnt much detail, and more of a brief blurb of sorts. If you think that posting more info would help me find someone, please let me know and I shall add more of the backstory, the history, maybe a few possible directions the story could go in, etc. I'm also very much open to suggestions on how to proceed as well.
  15. Just thought I might add that it would be really appreciated if I could get some feedback. Is this even a good idea? Does this story sound interesting at all?
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