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  1. How I see my character: http://www.bearpaw-blog.de/bilder/wallpaper/wallpaper-archery-girl-outdoor.jpg[/img] How my FC/Friends sees my character: https://ecoequine.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/tree-hugger.jpg?w=642[/img] How the community sees my character < Click the link!
  2. 1. Elezen Name: Penanna Nordal Elezen clan: Wildwood Gender: Female/Neutral Timezone: GMT Looking for?: Friends, RP buddies, regular RP buddies, IC friends, acquaintances, distant relations and potentially a partner. (I do not currently have a wiki page. I may create a profile for Penanna elsewhere and if I do I will put a link here and on her forum-profile post here) 2. Does your character fit the 'common' lore of your elezen or are they singular? (Eg. Raised by hyur so does not understand X or Y = singular) Penanna grew up outside of a designated clan, she was raised alongside her siblings by her grandfather who lived near Ul'dah. As such she has no extensive Elezen clan-upbringing but was raised loosely on their teachings. 3. What are your Rp limits, if any? (Eg: no permadeath, no ERp etc) Definitely no Permadeath. I am willing to do Combat/Fighting RP but only if it's discussed beforehand so general rules can established. (Sidenote: I LOVE stuff like sparring RP and general slice-of-life RP) I've sworn off ERP as I've found it tends to just create more drama than it's worth, aside from that, I'm very flexible and open to discussions!
  3. I have not! I shall give the information a read over now. Although it does initially sound like something better suited for folks who have yet to flesh out their characters and could do with some backstory help, and that is~ very much not me. Alas my character is very fleshed out and has a mind of her own by this point. xP
  4. Hello one and all! My name is Penanna, or (Penn if that's too many letter for you ^_~) and since I've started playing FF again after 1.0, I've been hoping to find a decent RolePlay FC or Linkshell to join that I can slip my character/s into, but to no avail. All the RP I've stumbled across in the world thus far seems to be a mixture of organised events I walked in on half way through, and private two/three-player RPs that, probably wouldn't take too kindly to me trying to sneak in. So if there's anyone out there who is also Roleplaying a character that's mostly Gridania-based, or if anyone can recommend a good FC or Linkshell to get me started I'd very much appreciate it! You can contact me in-game via Tell or Mooglemail. If you want to contact me in-game but I'm not on Penanna at the time I may be on my Miqo'te alt, in which case her name is Te'hanu Acon'ti'ae and I don't mind you contacting me on her either. =] P.S. I made a profile over here for Penanna. I'm going to be update it with the others when I have more screenshots of them!^^
  5. Name: Penanna Nordal Nicknames: "Penn" Race: Wildwood Elezen Gender: Female/Neutral Age: She's never actually said... Place of Birth: Gridania, exact location unknown. Current Residence: Carline Canopy, New Gridania Occupation: Archer primarily, she dabbles in a lot of other smaller skills such as fishing, cooking and botany. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Lemon-Girl/FFXIV_1347677747_zpsc7e71f54.png[/img] Appearance: Unlike the sharp eyes of her kin Penanna's sea-blue irises are deceptively gentle. As deep as the sea their colour seems to hail from, her eyes are very rarely still; ever observant and keen. The plain, soft features of her face would almost be androgynous were it not for the meek smile she's almost always wearing. Although she's not unattractive, it would be a stretch to call her a female beauty; from behind, her stance and figure can appear more masculine than other females of her race. She keeps creamy-white hair neatly plaited behind her ears and tries to keep it shorter than she would actually like it -a necessity demanded by too many wayward strands of hair caught in bowstrings. Sometimes, small feathers can be spotted in the tie holding her plait in place - usually yellow ones from her chocobo Aren, but sometimes white and blue ones that she finds whilst wandering can be seen pinned there. She's always wearing her ear clasps, and they're specifically painted in pearlescent to match her hair colour. Never armed with anything more than her Bow, Quiver, and perhaps a dagger or short sword at her belt, Penanna moves with grace and purpose. She doesn't allow the armour she wears as though it were a second skin, to impede her elegant air. Even if she's seen without them, her skill with a Bow is evident in her deft fingers as they move - never missing their target, whatever it may be. The distribution of supple muscles, lithe limbs and nimble fingers give her away. Despite her disciplined appearance, the Elezen seems to be without notable scars; there are perhaps a few small marks on her fingers and arms from arrows, which are likely to be missed by unobservant eyes. The scent of the forest lingers with her; running water, evergreens and the mingled aromas of different herbs. Underlying the keen scent of the wild, it’s possible to perceive her natural fragrance of Jasmine – light and subtle, meaning the nose can barely catch it once before the scent dissipates. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Lemon-Girl/ffxiv_14092013_175412_zps58b255c9.png[/img] Personality: Penanna is the essence of an altruist. She's usually able to make quick decisions in disagreements to find the smoothest and fairest option for everyone. Though whether this is because she genuinely is an altruist, or because she dislikes fighting, one can't be too sure. She's almost always wearing an expression that implies she is daydreaming, with her head off in the clouds, but the truth is she's secretly observing her surroundings and the people in it. She doesn't like evesdropping but her excellent hearing and eyesight don't really allow her to avoid it. She's aware that's she quite tall and dislikes that it can sometimes be a hinderance to her relations with others, so she can often be seen slumping when she isn't weidling her bow and arrow, she also makes a habit of not standing too close to people, simply to avoid her looking down and them looking up. Moralistic and open-minded, Penanna can be very set in her ways and can therefore be very unforgiving to anyone she sees breaking her own personal moral code. Fortunately, her moral code is very heavy on honour and justice and supports ideals like, loving thy neighbour, and defending the weak. She's very sensitive to the plights of others, almost to the point of being naive, and has -in the past- had this taken advantage of, but she's not changed her viewpoint on the world. She can at times act like a proper 'gentleman' and has a habit of referring to other females as 'Lady'. Approachable, friendly and very non-judgmental, Penanna loves observing the world around her and marvelling in its subtle beauty. More of an introvert than anything, she enjoys being outdoors and in her element, she can feel lonely,and although she would like to meet new people and make more friends, her tendency to sleep outside at the base of a tree with Aren as her pillow doesn't make for the best friend-finding situation. She identifies as a female aspirationally -truthfully she does not feel as though she fits the physical definition of a female when it comes to beauty and has a fair amount of dysphoria about it. Although she allows people to call upon her with female pronouns, it can make her very uncomfortable. She can often be heard using the phrase "I am not a female, a woman, or even an Elezen - I am the Arrow notched on my Bow." http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Lemon-Girl/ffxiv_14092013_023906_zps9dc9ca7a.png[/img] Background: (A work in progress) Penanna is the last confirmed surviving member of her family. Her father failed to return from a pilgrimage, and her mother was killed in the wilds whilst working for the Archer's Guild. Her maternal grandfather took Penanna, her elder brother and younger sister under his wing in Ul'dah until his death. Her brother went missing in action when working for an unknown military company, and her sister died of an illness shortly after. Very much alone, Penanna took it upon herself to carry on her family skill with the bow and took to wandering, living almost as a hermit in the wilds. She spent years sleeping in trees and living off the land. Along her way she met many people, and her altruistic nature meant that she never turned away aid if she could provide it. Her kindly nature preceded her, until eventually she decided to return to her home Gridania. The decision was not unprompted; dreams and nightmares that caused headaches forced her to seek aid. She reunited with her old friend Te'hanu. Affiliations: Archer's Guild Twin Adders Relationships: Aren - Chocobo companion Te'hanu Acon'ti'ae - An old friend, they grew up together
  6. I. Basic Info Characters: Penanna Nordal (Elezen), Te'hanu Acon'ti'ae (Miqo'te), Lallola Ollorinus (Lalfell), and Alauda Caelestis (Hyur.) Primary character:Penanna Nordal Linkshells: None as of yet Primary RP linkshell: None as of yet II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I tend to go through creative blocks where I RP very little for a few weeks and then RP to exhaustion in 3 days flat. Having said that, I do consider myself a 'hardcore' Roleplayer, so medium to heavy with spots of light! Views on RP combat and injuries: I tend to vere away from Roleplay combat because usually someone wants to godmode and trying to find someone who can reasonably fight with your character without resorting to "dice roles" to decide whether things hit or not can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But I can engage in combat should the need or want arise. I'm a sucker for things like sparring sessions. Views on IC romance: Somewhat in the middle. I have very strict boundaries when it comes to IC romance and it'd be a case of finding someone comfortable with my boundaries, should I find someone though, I'm all for IC romance. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Love it. I love Roleplaying the mundane stuff that lots of people might not always consider "proper RP" because there's no set storyline or end-goal in the way an event might have. Views on lore: Because I'm not all together too familiar on the FF XIV lore just yet, I have to be pretty flexible with it, and I'd need anyone I RP with to be flexible with me also - pointing out holes and mistakes constructive is always welcome though. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I view say as IC spoken word, and yell as also IC. Shout I view as OOC for no other reason than we don't have a global channel. Tells can be either IC or OOC (For example I'm the kind of RPer who will emote out my character whispering to another, and if it's not applicable to the other Roleplayers around, will actually send the whisper text to the character via tell. For that reason, if we're whispering OOCly I may throw the old OOC brackets on there. I'm used to using Linkshells and FCs (or their other-game equivalents like Guildchat and officerchat) for either IC or OOC, and I'm comfortable adjusting to either as long as I'm made aware. III. Other Info Country: United Kingdom Timezone: GMT Contact info:You can PM me on here if it's not urgent (I don't have browsers open when I'm gaming) otherwise please send a tell or a Mooglemail to Penanna Nordal in game. [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
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