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  1. Loved this! Great art, great humor!
  2. I have... a pillow, a coffee mug the size of a giant cereal bowl, or.. No, no. Wait. My cat had abandoned me. Pillow-shield and coffee-mug/bowl offensive it is.
  3. It was a good thought, Brin! Don't feel bad. None of us well wishers knew any better. /comfort.
  4. Happy Birthday! Keep up all the good work!
  5. Don't be embarrassed about playing it three times. I think I've played it close to/more than eleven... :oops: As for Hawke being the child of Morrigan, they've already denied this. He/She is a survivor from Lothering that escapes with his/her family and goes on over ten years to become the hero of Kirkwall. /nerd
  6. This is a great update! But it makes it so difficult to decide!
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