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  1. OP updated - website link removed due to a recent influx of spambots.
  2. Want to see the world? Join the Halcyon Caravan, courtesy of the Halcyon Adventure Company, Kupo! This month's Caravan will be led by Captain Vale Hartstrong and our friends at the GoldenMyst. We will be gathering in Gridania starting at 3:30pm EST/1530 EST/2030 GMT on Saturday, November 6th and, once our wagons are full, set off on a journey into Coerthas. All comers are welcome! Any questions may be directed to Captain Vale Hartstrong at the following address...
  3. With our 42nd member, our application process has been given an additional step -- securing a vouch from an existing member of the guild will be necessary before the officers will begin the reviewing process. Get out there, meet some of us, get to know us (and let us get to know you)! If you can do all of that, your chances are just as good today as they were yesterday.
  4. OP once again updated to reflect our current size (we're nearing member #40). :moogle:
  5. Well, if a different time would work better for people, say so now; we've got a month 'til the next one. :geek: Mind, I'm still EST, and there's not much I can do about that. But I can totally find out if any of my EU/AUS-based players would like to hold an additional run for those in similar timezones.
  6. From an administrative angle, at least, there's not a lot to say. It was very easy to organize and did what it was supposed to do: give RPers an excuse to congregate and play on the run. I hear tell fun was had, and I know fun was had afterwards for sure, since the HACK guides had an Afterparty Leve Party that may well become a new tradition after future caravans. :moogle:
  7. Holy moly, that was quite a turnout! Thank you all for coming! I hope your friends lists grew and a good time was had. Vale Hartstrong has made the mistake of offering to lead the Caravan to Ala Mihgo next month! Let's hold him to it!
  8. It's nearly time! I am running out for a quick, early dinner, but just in case, I have given Taja Dal invitation privileges on the Caravan LS. So if you would like to join the Caravan LS to keep in touch with everyone during the trek (totally optional!) and I'm not back yet, for whatever reason, just ask her really nice!
  9. (( I'm insanely sorry to have missed this. I wound up at a con over the weekend so between being on my laptop and a crappy hotel connection... :cry: NEXT TIME. ))
  10. (( Cid will do his best to attend. It's a good opportunity to network! :ugeek: ))
  11. OP updated to reflect our current size (roughly twenty members).
  12. On September 18th, the day before the end of the open beta, HACK! will be having a day dedicated to hanging out together in-game. If you have been trying to meet any of us to gauge how you might fit with out group, this is a good day to do it. I will be in-game as much as possible, chillin' out near the Fishing guild in Limsa Lominsa's lower levels, and any Hackers or other interested RPers are cordially invited to come out and chill on the pier.
  13. That estimate seem about right -- tonight's second trial run took about an hour and fifteen minutes, without any stops. So adding stops on for roleplay and people crashing or falling behind, two to two and a half hours seems pretty much spot on. Do note, we're going to begin gathering at 6pm/1800 EST -- we probably won't be leaving on the first ferrytastic leg of our journey until 6:30/1830, to allow people a chance to show up.
  14. I'm not a poster on either of those sites, but if someone would like to take the idea and run with it over there, please do! Blessing given and all that. I've just got too many forums to track already. :cry:
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