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  1. Welcome to the pack, ser Hark! Have fun ripping through all the lore and creating your character. I look forward to meeting him! :thumbsup:
  2. I actually have some experience in this matter, though my character wasn't from FFXI, she was however from a different world, so I'll share my experiences and thoughts. Long ago, when 1.0 was still a thing, I had a character by the name of Eternal Darkness, of course this was just a code name she had received, her full name was D'vislian'l Linnel. She went through several character changes before I finally dumped her, but her original origin story was that she was from a totally different realm, totally different world, a world I had created and based of Norse mythology. I forget what I called the place (hell, I even made a map of the world) however, Eternal did something bad and to punish her, the ruler of this world threw her into a temporal vortex which whisked her away and pooped her out in Eorzea and she awoke a Miqo'te. This presented a few different problems: first, anyone wanting to truly get to know her would have to learn of her past and of different lore separate from FFXIV. And that was a whole heap of a lot. To get around this, I had written an entire story that never got fully published on the RPC forums, there were even some issues with that; however the story was OOC so even though the player knew, the character didn't. Second, she would have had to learn the entire Eorzean lore, history its races, which isn't all that hard, but again its a whole heap to pile on and take it slow to learn over an extended period of time. Third, and this one is up for debate, there would most likely be a language barrier. I'm quite sure that, in a non semantic way, the language spoken in FFXI is quite different from the language spoken in FFXIV. But again, that's up for debate, or not. It's simply more fun, fast and easier to hit the ground running if your character is from Eorzea or one of the other nations like say Doma or the Garlean Empire, than to say they come from a completely different world which, as you've come to find out, turns a lot of people off from your character. It's not that its impossible or even improbable, its just that some people might not find it original and won't want to deal with that. And also, many people have never played FFXI so they won't want to go ahead and learn the names, places or races that the game comprises of. Its just too much in a game thats so rich with lore and story to introduce an ENTIRE, separate world into it as well. However, an alternative route might be to take your character from FFXI and simply adapt, not import or transfer or implant, but adapt him into FFXIV. By this I mean say if your character were born in Jeuno in FFXI, then simply change his/her birth place to Ul'dah and so on and so forth. That way you're not loosing too much and you're keeping the general idea of your character. I've heard of people attempting this in the past, though I'm not sure how well it worked out for them. Personally, I would say to scrap the idea that your character comes from FFXI and either adapt him/her or just make a new one. Have fun reading the lore about the different countries that comprise the game, the city states and all that. Go nuts on learning the naming lore for Miqo'te and Roegadyn's, read about all the different Era's, on how the Miqo'te ancestors migrated to Eorzea during a sort of ice age where they crossed frozen oceans in search of food during the 5th umbral and make a descendant of those people. There is SO much lore to shuffle through its almost mind numbing. Just get creative. But I digress. I do not mean to tell you what you can or cannot do, I am only offering an insight to the issue. Technically, the main aspect of roll playing is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your character, you have that creative right. So do whatever it is you feel you want to do and have fun doing it!
  3. Greetings RPC, long time no see. As you can see from my user information to the left, it's been nearly 5 years since I joined the RPC; 5 days short as of this post actually. It's been a long time since I paid a visit to the RPC but I've never been too far away. I often just click on the link that's safely placed on my favorites bar right next to the FFXIV Wiki and just look around, seeing a lot of new faces and some old ones. The last time I made a post was on Janurary 1, 2014 when Kylin made his announcement to step down and FreelanceWizard was installed as the new site admin. So it's been a hot minute. But my desire to create a character and roll play has never dwindled, even though I had a very rough start getting into character, as it were. Several failed attempts and blah blah blah. All my fault for not trying hard enough, darn it! Well, I'm here to announce my return to the roll playing world. I haven't had time to come up with a character concept or idea yet, I just randomly decided to give it another try, in earnest this time. Now I"m completely familiar with the game up to this point as I have been playing a lot over the years, just on another server with friends. But they all quit and so I'm just left with the others in my free company whom I've never met in real life. Which is fine, I love them all, but sometimes I just feel hollow when I'm playing. Like I'm missing something...and all along it's been you, RPC, that I've been missing! So with that, I'll stop writing and start working on a character. Look forward to seeing some old and new faces again! *hugs the RPC* :3
  4. Welcome and congratulations, Mr. Wizard of the Freelance clan. :thumbsup:
  5. If you run into those problems at launch, or even now in the beta, remember that you have access to your Hunting Log that gives you a goodly amount of exp when you complete a category and an even bigger boost when you complete a level. So don't fret, there are ways around your leveling issues. And, of course, once at Open Beta (phase 4) and launch, you'll have access to the content finder (or duty finder, whatever they call it) so you'll be able to join a party and go through a dungeon, granted your at a decent level for one. I really hope that they have dungeons and instances for all levels, to some degree anyway. But we'll see.
  6. Seeing as I've revamped my character, I've decided to throw him into the time skip. Originally I hadn't planned on it, but it works better for me this way. My possibly second character, Caden's sister Ailith, did not take the time skip. She left and went out to sea before the battle happened and Dalamud fell.
  7. I love VP2! And I understand how frustrating it can become, but it gets more enjoyable as time goes buy and you get the hang of things, as it's been stated already. Stick with it! Also, <3 me some original Final Fantasy Tactics as well. (can't stand that advanced crap, bleck!) Anyway, I heard a rumor that they're making a true sequel to FFT. I'm not entirely sure how they would. It's hard to discuss without giving any spoilers away...I don't want to be the jerk on that end
  8. Zero word so far. What we have, is what we get. But I wouldn't rule it out for a future update.
  9. For me, personally, I always looked at HP as your characters stamina; the lower it gets, the more fatigued your character becomes. So to me, the Cure spells are more of a way to revitalize, restore the characters stamina so they can continue to fight, rather than a 'heal all' skill. The cure spells can also help accelerate the healing of wounds, but cannot heal them completely on its own. I think this is demonstrated in the video posted before, from the original CG opening, and also it's demonstrated in the End of an Era video when our hero is hit in the face by a projectile and is temporarily wounded, though not gravely so, and the Cure spell helps him to recover faster. Other skills like Esuna will do just as they always do, remove status effects. None of my characters have been healers, or adept at the skill, so it's never been an issue on my front. That's just how I see it.
  10. Also, for Beta Phase 3 purposes, once our 1.0 characters are available for play, I will play the duration of the phase 3 on my 1.0 character, Ailith Vadoma. So's I can explore the higher level content.
  11. Yes, my master. lol jk That's where I'll be on phase 1, so if anyone is interested, keep an eye out for Caden.
  12. Oh I know, lets have a poll for the servers? Most popular vote wins :3
  13. Gilgamesh is an acceptable server, lol. Regarding characters, I think if SE is going to open the legacy servers in week 2, I think it might be prudent of them to allow us to transfer the characters we create in week 1? If not, I can see where non Legacy members would get frustrated with this.
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