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  1. I love the FFT art style and have actually wondered what my character would look like in that art style. Keep it up. Looks good.
  2. Not as much as you might imagine. I know a few guys in Blacklisted (and have watched their stream when I was trying to learn the fight), and they give a lot of free runs out to their streamers. So, just find out when their titan event is and watch the stream. Then it just comes down to how fast you can send one guy a tell.
  3. Oddly specific, but okay. The Philo mats generally sit at about 40,000 gil. Maybe a little more depending n the day. I'm sure one group has already beaten turn 5, but I know for a fact that most groups are through turn 4. Dungeons being farmed are usually Wanderer's Palace and Amdapor Keep. Relic Materia is anywhere from 15,000-35,000 depending upon materia. By "Titan Prices", I have to assume you mean being carried through Titan. Well, Blacklisted (and a few other groups) do it for free. So, yeah. Hope this helped.
  4. I was going to say exactly this. You really start feeling how much you need a Conjurer/WHM when you get to Brayflox, in my experience. The poison stacks on that last boss hurt like a mofo and all a Sch/Acn can do is try to heal through it. At low levels, there's really no reason to have a conj, unless you're me and you hate hate hate Carbuncles. That's just my two cents.
  5. -rubs temples- Why can't people just play the (pardon my language) fucking game like normal players?
  6. Well, I might be trying to get some art of Sato from her. That's amazing.
  7. That's actually not true. At the bottom of the MRD Guild in Limsa, there are 2 Yellow Jackets practicing their aim with pistols. So, I suppose there are one or two models.
  8. Oh, how I wish this was under the FFXIV discussion so I could go into a two page rant about elitism outside of rp. Sadly, it is not; so I cannot. In an rp sense, I dont' feel obligated to rp with people. Never have, never will. I have denied someone rp because of an in character reason. My character hates his character with such ferocity that it makes hard mode Titan's rage look like a child's hissy fit. I have not denied someone rp for an otherwise stupid reason. I have heard tale, and actually seen, people denied rping simply because their name wasn't completely Lore friendly. Hell, I've bee
  9. - Name changes. I've seen way too many people make a character, then decide that they dislike the race or something and want to change... but are stuck with a highly race specific name. I'm one such case. I kind of want to switch from Miqo'te to Elezen but, as you can see, my character's name is "X'sato Gysahl". - More customization options, specifically hair. - I'd love to see a stance choice. Much like how Male Roe MRD/WAR have a different stance from every other race in the game, I'd like to see that but... By choice. Not just for combat stances either. I'd love to have a differe
  10. It's not just Balmung. I've queued with plenty of people from other servers and have even had people tell me to leave because I don't have a full Darklight set. It's not just Balmung. It's not just Legacy servers. Every MMO has endgame elitists; and there's not much you can do about it, sadly. You can just leave groups that are like that.
  11. Just go to xivdb.com, look for what you want and click "view in 3d". It'll show you the model through the xivmodel thing without you having to sift through lists.
  12. Hm... I hear that you can speed run Castrum pretty quickly, but I just don't have a group for it... Which sucks. Is there an end game linkshell I can get into for speedrunning CM and stuff?
  13. I haven't read it anywhere (maybe because I haven't really looked), but I wanted to know about the tomestones. I know we get to trade them in for awesome stuff and all, but I'm more interested in attaining them. Do the level 50 dungeons give more tomestones than what prior dungeons? I do hope so. I run dungeons for fun and am only at the 300 mark with the Tomestones of Philosophy.
  14. Aurum... Vale... Pugs never work out because someone thinks it's "too hard" and quits. I've not gotten around to the level 50 dungeons (waiting on guildies), so I can't comment on them. Pugged Aurum Vale is misery incarnate.
  15. I'm at the end of my rope with level grinding at this point. I'm level 47 as of posting this thread and I just can't stand FATE grinding in Mor Dhona (or in general, really). There are generally tons of people and by the time I can actually do anything, I can only squeak out a silver on FATEs. Any tips from people who already capped about other ways to squeeze out these last three levels in a relatively quick fashion?
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