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  1. Valsegul

    A quick thank you to Castiel

    Cheers to Cas!
  2. Valsegul

    The Server Selection News Room

    Think we are on the other groups radar, and are keeping tabs on our vote?
  3. Valsegul

    Questions of Race Anyone?

    Everyone loves to root for the little guy. People seem to like to interact with the wee ones. It seems like many players I come across find them non threating, which can give me room to try to surprise them. Having a smaller perspective on things also makes all the stuff going on in the game feel a bit more grandiose to me.
  4. Valsegul

    Open Beta begins August 31 (New Trailer too)

    http://www.ffxivcore.com/topic/12179-new-ffxiv-trailer-open-beta-date-keep-your-b-name/ Server names may stay the same as they are now. If this happens to in fact be true, according to the server selection process posted we are headed for Jecht?