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  1. Hello! I returned to FF14 last night. I stopped playing around early 2013, so right now I don't have the latest expansion pack yet, and currently getting used to the feels of the controls. Is there any friendly Linkshells taking in new/returning players that I can possibly join on? I'm on Balmung, so my character is Minghao Bajihri.
  2. I'm myself very shy when initiating RP because of all the horror stories I've heard and witnessed by not giving other people a chance, like ignoring their character or fake an afk. When I do put up my confidence, I emote to let them know I'm acknowledging them. Sometimes they ask me to come over, or those.. replies, "Oh it's getting crowded in here, let's go somewhere else." Try to walk up to them, give them a proper hello, or directions to so and so, or some interesting introductions. Perhaps to join in their conversation that your character may have interests to. They are not worth conversing if they ignore any friendly attempts. If people wish to have a private RP, don't do it in public areas, moreso in /say. Though, I'd love to meet your character. Hoping in this will break my shy bubble as well. I've met some interesting RPers along the way, like Tobias.
  3. Found what Minghao will be voiced by, Danielle Cambell, but hard to find the perfect light-mocha skin actresses to fit for my desire.
  4. My character Minghao is of my own creation. From all my RP characters I've played in various MMOs, I wanted her to be of purely innocent. Not exposed to the lewd filth, like she was living under a rock all these years. Didn't want anyone to try to weasel their way to be in an instant relationship with my character. Had quite of people in the past that took IC = OOC. So that brings bad business. And if a character along the road wanted to get with my character, they have to work it and deal with her innocent charms. Ming loves helping people and working on her hobbies contently.
  5. Yeaah, when I made my character, Minghao it didn't sound very Miqo'te for a Moon Kitty. So, playing around with the FF14 name generator I found a name for her, when she ICly discovers her real real name (hopefully in the future). She wasn't raised by her kind when she was young.
  6. Might as well, Brii2099. Leave a message to indicate who you are.
  7. I. Basic Info Characters:Minghao Bajihri, Brii Worthington Primary character:Minghao Bajihri Linkshells: The Brothers Phoenix, 9999 Damage, and The Traveling Templar Primary RP linkshell:The Traveling Templar and The Brothers Phoenix [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: I don't like RP combat that much, as it often lead to OOC fighting. My character doesn't fight ICly anyways, she's moreso of a healer. As for injuries, I don't mind if it's not serious or life-threatening. Views on IC romance: If it happens, it happens. As long I know the person well, IC and OOC, we can work it out. Though, if it happens, my character likes Male Hyurs and Male Miqo'te. I have nothing those against who do ERP, just keep it private and best to keep whatever happens IC is IC. No need unwanted OOC drama. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): It would be neat if she had a family. She was adopted by the Elezen, so she doesn't remember her birth parents or family. Though, suspecting she's from Thanalan region. Though, I would like to get to know the player itself first. Views on lore: I'm learning it as I go. Wouldn't want to get the wrong information when RPing, or if someone adds bit of elements that doesn't belong in XIV? Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I always stay IC in /say and /emote, but if I had to go OOC, I'll use my (( )), but Linkshells, I use it as a comm. device. [*] III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:PST Contact info:In-game will be best. I'll do my best to check the forums itself. [*]
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