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  1. Not EXACTLY sure if this belongs here, but will move it if asked. As someone who has read Tarot Cards for a long time, I loved the Astrologian class and waited impatiently for SE to perhaps make a physical deck. But my impatience overtook me, and after making careful inquiries decided to do something about it. So, I have a document full of meanings, a means of printing cards and delivering them, an artist willing to draw them and nearly everything else I need logistically... except for funding. Hence why I turn to Kickstarter and my FFXIV Community. I present The Tale of You, a themed Deck of Sixty with a storybook feel that currently has a good start but could use a bit more of a push. Decks will not be for sale after it is funded, but are instead rewarded to supporters based on their tier. THis is both to prevent SE from coming down on me like a ten thousand ponze mallet and any disputes on who should get how much money from sales between myself and the artist. Please consider supporting the project and Fortune favor you all!
  2. With my lack of knowledge, I was at quite a loss. All I knew of the world was Ala Mhigo and Abania Gyr, as well as parts of the Shroud that lay near the border. My entire world revolved around the Monastary and honing my body with daily training. As such, I traveled with a merchant group to Gridania, in hopes of expanding my horizons and to seek out information of the J tribe of which my Mother and I were connected to. My first step, of course, would be finding a way to acquire funds for necessities. After all, I knew little of the Shroud, and aside from hunting beastkin I had little ways of acquiring food. As such, I joined the Lancer's Guild to satisfy several of my needs at once. Now, one might ask 'Why would a Fists of Rhalgr trainee seek out the Lancer's Guild?'. The answer is sadly quite simple. It was the only martial guild in the area that would allow me to expand my horizons and still fight face to face with my enemies. Rhalgr's symbol, aside from the falling meteor, is a staff. While there are some Fists who also take the path of Black Magic to broaden their potential, those who do not learn how to fight with pole weapons in order to honor Rhalgr as well. Whilst fighting with a Spear is different, it is still a similar enough concept that I could adapt relatively well to it. The Guildmaster was quite understanding of my plight, even when I spoke of my origins, though he did not know the location of the J tribe either. Even still, he told me that by improving myself and gaining reputation, I may be able to find what I seek. A waymarker in my Path. Accepting his wisdom, I trained earnestly with and without the spear, diligently doing the tasks asked of me and properly testing my mettle against the foes required of my standing. Looking back on it, I was too serious of a child. Likely seeing this too, the Guildmaster went out of his way to forbid me from training once a week, going so far as to tell me 'If I did not gain a mark from the Orphanage showing I played properly, I would not be allowed to train with a spear again.' It was an odd case. I understood punishment and diligence, but I lacked what the Guildmaster perceived as a proper childhood. I understood right and wrong and how things had two sides... but lacked knowledge of the games children usually play. Whilst I did not understand HOW the Guildmaster could prevent me from training if I focused on it, Mother had taught me to respect my teachers. So, once every seven days, a new waymarker was placed on my path... to 'Play as children do'. Lacking in proper knowledge of this, I spent time simply observing them. If I recall correctly.. at the time the children were dancing in order to make an Elezen girl laugh. Was laughing such an important thing? Still, it was a diligent effort of the group, yet the child did not smile. I did not know any dances, but I knew something similar. Nodding to myself, I moved to stand in front of the girl and clapped my hands hard to get her attention. The girl jumped slightly and looked at me, wondering what I was doing along with the rest of the children... before I let out a proper warcry and began performing one of the katas of the Fists of Rhalgr. It was likely quite odd, watching a child move in this way within Gridania, but I did my best. When I finished, I let out a breath and knelt down, watching the girl curiously. While she did not laugh or smile, she did look curious at me as I stared back. Nodding, I stood up and walked forward, placing a hand on her head in a soft pat, not unlike what my Mother would do to me in the past. "Good, you are not sad anymore." Glancing at the other children, I tilted my head to one side as they still just stared at me oddly. "Does this count as playing?" I did not understand why the girl broke out into laughter at that time, but in the end they taught me a few games. I earned my marker after making a promise to come 'play' again. I did not yet understand why my footsteps felt lighter, though the Guildmaster seemed satisfied after saying 'That is a good smile.' And thus, my horizons broadened in unexpected ways. I am sure my Mother would have been proud.
  3. All Paths begin with the first step. Some are shown where to begin, some wander upon it by happenstance, and very very few start on it from before they realize there was ever a Path to begin with. I was born a Miqo'te named J'rhiki Tia, child of J'talhdi Azih of the Fists of Rhalgr. Raised within one of the branch Temples of Rhalgr in the border of the Black Shroud and Abania Gyr. It served as a border guard in case of Gridanian approach, but mostly it was a Temple I was proud to call home. For as long as I remember, I had been surrounded by the Teachings of Rhalgr... and as many a curious youth, questioned them fervently to find out 'why'. My mother had told me my first question was whether or not Rhalgr was a nice person. After all, breaking things was bad and got one punished with extra drills, so does this mean Rhalgr was a bad God who broke everything and made people sad? She had taken me upon her knee and smiled softly before pointing out the window to the sprawling Shroud in the distance. "My child, Destruction is a simple thing. A tool, a means to an end. Consider the Botanist. By cutting down trees and harvesting plants, he Destroys them, for those plants and trees will no longer grow. If he does so simply to Destroy wantonly, then this is a Bad Thing, and the spirits of the Forest would punish him alongside those who hold the forest dear. But, if he is instead doing so carefully, cutting what he only needs to build a house for his family and make medicines for those in need, then he is wielding Destruction benevolently. We worship Rhalgr because he has these two sides. We pray to him because we recognize that we, too, have these two sides. As His Fists, we must show others that our Fists of Destruction can be used properly, else we will only tarnish our God's name. Do you understand?" At the time, I only barely understood, but as the years went by my understanding grew. By my tenth year, the King of Ruin, Theodoric, announced his Nymeian Claim. When the Main Temple was under attack, all the senior Monks, my mother included, left to give reinforcement to those trapped within. Somehow sensing her own Destruction, she had gifted me a set of plain clothes, some of the Teachings of the Order, and sent me off to the Shroud in the diorection of the Sanctum of the Twelve alongside many of the other trainees and one of the supervising Monks as a guard. Should things go well, she would send word for us to return. I already understood what it meant if word never came. And so were we one of the firsts refugees of Ala Mhigo. Due to Rhalgr's Benevolence and the skills we learned, we were able to make it to the Sanctum with few problems, and while reserved, the priesthood within allowed us Refuge.With little else to do, we resumed our training as we waited for word. .... Sadly, the only word that reached us was of the Main Temple's loss. While a part of me understood this, I was still a child... and thus did my grief join the chorus of wails that echoed within the hallowed halls of the Sanctum. Many of us wanted to deny this as truth, older ones cried for revenge. Myself? I curled up in my room and held tightly to the teachings my Mother left to me, the only memento aside from my memories that I would ever have of her. Days past where all I did was pour over the Teachings like a lifeline, hoping that somehow, some way, I would find something more to connect to my fallen mother. After all, our entire life was devoted to training in the Way of the Fist together, and while I knew my mother's day-to-day personality, I knew nothing of why she was a Fist, of what it meant to be a Miqo'te of the J Clan. What was a Keeper of the Sun? To this end, teachings in hand, I wanted to find out. Announcing my intentions, I left the Sanctum of the Twelve to seek out my History. This was the first step towards my Path of Benevolent Destruction... for only by seeking out the History I didn't know would I be able to Destroy the shackles that unknown History bound me with.
  4. as told by Rhal'rhiki the Breaker, Devout of Rhalgr To know the Path of Benevolent Destruction, one must understand that Destruction, in of itself, is simply a means to an end. Tis neither good nor bad, but can be used for both in equal measure. It is those who wield Destruction that decide how it shall be used. Examples of this are all over, from your average adventurer who would slay monsters to protect the livelihood of others, to the over-eager beastmen who would toss bombs hither and yon for the simple joy of explosive destruction in all its loud glory, to the natural tornado that cares not a whit whether its path is laden with innocents and sinners alike. 'How do you wield Destruction BENEVOLENTLY?' one may ask. By wielding it for the sake of others and yourself. There are many who are held back by restraints both physical and mental. The enslaved or wrongly persecuted who are bound by shackles, the abused who fear their oppressors touch, or the refugees who seek sanctuary past unmoving barricades. The Path of Benevolent Destruction teaches those who walk it to shatter these bonds and barricades... and if necessary, break those who would place these upon others. In doing so, we allow the oppressed and restrained the Freedom needed to reach out and grasp their potential once more. Of course, one cannot simply go out upon this Path and expect to wield Destruction Benevolently from the get go... the process itself is like any Path, and must be attained one step at a time. There are three things one must Destroy before they can walk upon the Path truly. The Mind, the Body and the Heart. Destroy the Mind: We are ruled by our preconceptions. Our past colors us to what we see in the present, and oft times allow us to jump to conclusions far too easily. As such, we must first Destroy the Mind. Shatter all preconceptions and look upon things with open eyes as if for the first time. No two beings are exactly alike, for good or ill, and when dealing with ANY living creature, tis always better to do so as if meeting them for the first time instead of instantly assuming they are one way or another. Destroy the Body: Arguably the easiest of the three, to properly wield Destruction Benevolently we must first destroy the weakness in our physical forms. Daily training and learning all we can in the Arts of War and Magic will aid any who walk the Path to not only protect themselves, but in so doing grow stronger to defend others. In this way, we must also Destroy our Limitations, striving to become stronger with every passing day in whatever way we can. For those who follow the arts of War, this can mean anything from honing your preferred style of fighting til you have no equal, to branching out and grasping a new weapon and style to widen your range of skills so none may predict what you do next. For those of the Arts of Healing, restoring those who have been broken is another form of destroying Limitations and allowing fellow walkers of the Path to go further than they ever could alone. Destroy the Heart: Arguably the most difficult, for the Heart is harder to Destroy than the Mind. The Heart is where we keep the memories of that which has affected us the greatest. This is not so easy as the Mind, which is ruled by our day to day memories or what we have learned from others... but sometimes the most scarring of circumstances that may have put us upon the Path to begin with. The sibling who was slain by beastmen would have one hate all beastmen. The lover Tempered by a Primal would have one ignore all else to throw one's life away and slay said Primal. The nation which destroyed or conquered one's home would see all who call that nation home as bitter enemies. The man or woman who wronged the self would have one fear another's touch if not hate it outright. The Path of Destruction would have us shatter this final barrier, for without an open heart one is liable to bring Destruction upon those who deserve it not. Once these three aspects of the Self have been Destroyed, one can be reborn. Free from that which has held us back, we are free to walk upon the world, Free. For that is the true nature of the Path of Destruction... Freedom. Freedom from the shackles we place upon ourselves so that we might aid in unshackling others. Free to break any and all barriers that block our Path, and live life to its fullest. But be wary... for there is a fine line between Benevolent Destruction and Wanton Destruction. In enjoying this newfound Freedom, there have been those who begin to simply Destroy with no thought as to who or what they are affecting. One must be ever mindful of the forces they wield, for that is the price we pay for Freedom. Slavers that were Destroyed to free the Enslaved may still have friends and family of their own, who would be eager to end the Pathwalker's life for the loss of their loved one. The Primal, struck down by the hand of the Pathwalker and their friends, would suffer the wrath of the beastmen who called it Master. This is part and parcel for the life of an Adventurer, but truer still for the Path of Benevolent Destruction. Some have asked me if the Path ends in one's own Destruction. In the end, the simple answer is 'Yes'. For when one is Destroyed, one can no longer walk a Path. But one should never walk the Path SEEKING their own Destruction, for in truth the Path has no set route. Instead, one must create their own Path Markers to guide them. Goals to set that, once reached, they may move further onward down the path. In the end, one must always remember one thing. Once the Mind, Body and Heart are Destroyed and the Self is Freed, once one sets foot upon the Path... it is always nice to have others walk alongside you. For what one can Destroy in a day, many more can destroy in mere moments. The Heart that is Free eagerly seeks others to join it. The Mind that is Free seeks the stimulation of another. The Body that is Free seeks others to challenge it, all so that they may grow stronger and reach their full potential. After all, Rhalgr, God of Destruction, is father to Byregot, God of the Arts, and Halone, Goddess of War, and attendant to Nymeia, Goddess of Fate. He is not alone in his Path, so too would the Pathwalker emulate Rhalgr and seek allies and family to join in their journey. In this Journal, I shall share in my own Path, of how I Destroyed my Mind, Body and Heart, and in repeatedly doing so as new limitations are found and broken, I continue to follow my Path of Freedom in Benevolent Destruction. I do not ask others to emulate me, but seek, instead, to show others the results of my Path and perhaps show them how they may begin their own. May you find Strength in Rhalgr.
  5. Hey, Welcome to Balmung! It's difficult to get new characters in, so grats on slipping through the server cycle! As to the long term RP, Rhal'rhiki the Breaker (J'rhiki Tia) is always willing to lend a hand to one in need ^^ Send me a PM here or poke me in game and we can do a meet and greet.
  6. Been trying to work on the theology and doctrine behind those who follow Rhalgr. Mostly for my character, one of the many survivors of Ala Mhigo's old ways from before the King of Ruin. Due to this, I've taken a look at the gods and goddesses associated with him, and from there a greater look into the Twelve themselves, and I began to wonder.. how are they viewed? While character creation gives us their common depictions and what spheres of influence they have, I begin to wonder more and more on how mortals view them in general. For example, Rhalgr the Destroyer. Is he seen as a being to be worshiped out of fear? Is his name used as a curse upon others? His symbol, after all, is that of a meteor falling and one cannot help but see similarities in his icon and the fall of Dalamud. But then, why dedicate a city to him as well as a martial faith? I have a hard time viewing the Fists of Rhalgr as being a bunch of people who simply destroyed things, if so then there would be no refugees within their walls. Following that, what of his wife (master?) Nymeia? A weaver who oversees Fate, she is prayed to by gamblers or those seeking fortune. Why are Fortune/Fate and Destruction wed? Is it to symbolize that all things end? If so, is there some meaning behind their children being War and Craftsmanship? What is the meaning behind any of the Twelve's relationships? I have a bunch of material built up for my character, J'rhiki Tia's, view of the Path of Destruction he follows. The entire idea is that Rhalgr does not represent wanton destruction, but instead the Destruction that is required for all life to rebuild and grow. The trees that are felled to give wood for building homes and ships, the animals that are slain to give food to one's family. The personal barriers and limitations one has in order to grow past them into a stronger person. Still, there is likely lore of the Twelve hiding somewhere... if not, anyone want to help me out in building some?
  7. Been doing my own digging into the lore of Ala Mhigo, the Fists of RHalgr, the King of Ruin and the Garlean Invasion. Pretty deep stuff, no? I'm glad all the lore is there for one to find if one digs deep enough. Thank you all for answering my question. 20 years fits perfectly into my timeline, and I look forward to finding other Sons and Daughters of Ala Mhigo in world ^^
  8. Am.. I adding all of that to make a whopping 40 years? I'm trying to learn all I can of Ala Mhigo, but I'm not exactly sure where to turn for lore...
  9. Ala Mhigo, the city which calls Rhalgr the Destroyer their patron, renown for their arts of Lance and Fist... but when did it fall? I've read it was anywhere between 250 years ago to 15... can anyone give me a proper date?
  10. Hmm... I'm starting to get a picture in my head now of their personality... The kind of person who can play with children innocently one moment, and turn around and bury his axe into the skull of a monster the next, then go back to that innocent smile as he plays with kids, like it was just a normal everyday thing.. like sneezing. Hmmm... closest thing I could think of is someone who is always smiling perhaps, save that the smile turns a tad sinister when he's destroying things that need be destroyed. Perhaps even the type to laugh off his own impending doom, since he himself is no exception to the rule of destruction.
  11. So I've made an alt on Balmung. I've decided all the technical aspects, such that he'll focus on being a melee fighter and follow the path of smashing things in the face with his weapons of choice, but I've yet to decide the backstory aspects of him. A Seeker of the Sun named J'rhiki Tia, he started in Limsa Lominsa but is starting his circuit through the three cities to learn all he can in the name of Rhalgr the Destroyer. Why the Destroyer? One cannot build without first destroying that which stands in the way of one's goals.. One must chop down trees to build with lumber, break down mountains to build with stone. Slay monsters and enemies to lay claim to land and protect your people. And from what remains of one's enemies is left behind to make the winners that much stronger. Honestly, with this ideology, he's kinda incomplete... he needs a partner to be the yang to his yin, someone to either encourage his destructive spree or balance him out with a creative or constructive point of view. Or both, since he sees his need to smash things as needful as opposed to wanton. I can only imagine that the falling of Dalamund and how Eorzea was changed and rebuilt from the wake of its nigh destruction only inspired this ideology into him. All that's left is trying to craft a personality. One who destroys for the benefit of others... he could be the super serious type, but I'm not sure that would suit him too well. Simple Determination would be a bit more fitting, a tad shounen with the ideology of 'there's nothing I cannot break', but at the same time that might get a bit annoying since that kind of attitude leans more towards cocky than capable. Perhaps, instead, 'There is nothing that cannot be broken'. It's not as cocky, instead it's more of a determination to find ways to break things that he cannot break at the moment. Alternatively, he could be a 180 from his ideology, a kind of happy go lucky flippant attitude that venerates life since he understands that at some point all of it can be broken by those with the will to do so. It really is hard when there are so many choices.... any ideas?
  12. ((If Balmung ever opens up, I'll remake him there. For now I was lucky enough to have Gilgamesh in rotation)
  13. A Lalafell in mage robes sits quietly within the Quicksand, his blank eyes unfocused as he stares straight ahead. Leaning against him is a rather tall wooden sign, the words 'Help Wanted, Sit Down To Inquire Further' written in a slightly glowing script. Many of the regulars give the odd Dunesfolk a wide berth, mostly ignoring him, though a few cast shifty glances towards him every so often. Curious as to what kind of help would be needed, as well as the possibility of payment, an Elezen Gladiator takes a seat. The moment he does, the Lalafell's gaze quickly turns to him and the mage suddenly seems to come to life. "This one greets you." He says in a soft, monotone voice, his facial features lacking any sort of expression as he speaks. "You who have come forward, this one requires aid... This one has need to practice the arcane craft, yet doing so alone has become increasingly difficult. As such, this one seeks those willing to distract enemies so this one may destroy them with his arcane craft." Tilting his head to one side, the lalafell blinks, before letting out a soft sigh. "This one sees you require a more concise description of this one's needs. Very well. This one is in need of a meat shield to distract monsters. You shall be compensated with an equal share of any rewards found in the time we are together, as well as a pledge to keep you from dying too much. This one believes the exchange is fair and..." Suddenly, the mage's face twists in anger as he slams both hands onto the table loudly, standing up in his seat like a shot. Turning to one side, the mage glares at something the gladiator cannot see. "Twelve take you for a fool, Nana! Can't ya see yer scarin the cub?! Who d'ya think has ta stitch the lad up after he's done playin tag with the fiends, eh?" Turning back to the now startled elezan, the mage tries to soften his features a bit into what should have been a calming smile... though it looked rather strained, as if the mage was ill used to making such features. "Sorry about Nana, he means well but when it comes to anything outside of black magic, he's a bit of a dunce. Listen, I'd REALLY appreciate it is ya helped us. Without someone to intercept foes, anything we do is kinda... dangerous. In a big way. The Catastrophe kinda messed with us kinda fierce so we kinda hafta start from the beginning again. Re-establish our knowledge base, touch base with the centers of learning, re-learn our spells, that kinda thing.. and for that, we kinda need someone like you ta help us out. Can't guarantee the work'll be easy, but I swear I'll do my best ta keep ya from kickin the big one." The slightly twitching smile suddenly turns calm, the blank eyes becoming gentler as he once more takes his seat. "My my... We simply cannot see the issue. Had we started in Limsa Lominsa like we had originally suggested, then we would not be in this situation, do you not agree, Nana? Momo? We would have had the ability to re-establish ties with Carbuncle and simply called upon our adorable little guardian to take the blows for us, no? Instead, we sit here like some broken wretch, begging for alms and assistance from any passer by as if we had no pride or skill of our own." Chuckling softly, the mage bows slightly to the elezan. "No offense, but we are far more trusting of a magical being than a sellsword... not only do we not have to share wealth, but their loyalty is guaranteed." Face twisting in anger once more, the mage looks to his right and slams a fist against the table. "Shut UP Lele! We AREN'T in Limsa Lominsa, and even then only YOU can summon anything! Don't think I'm givin up control to the likes of you just cause you can call upon some stupid glowing mutt!" "... this one..." "So angry, Momo. If you keep that up, our face will be twisted that way permanently. That would be a problem for us, since we prefer to smile at others instead of looking like some crazed beastkin ready to slay whomever crosses our path. And you consider yourself a healer?" "... perhaps this one should..." "Why the heck do ya always refer to yerself as 'we' and such?! Makes people think ya speak for all of us instead of just yerself!" "... listen..." "Tis the ROYAL We. We are, after all, among the few who call upon the elemental might of the Spirits. If you wish to make more of yourself, surely you can do the same, no?All you can do is nurse cuts and scrapes with your paltry white magic." "... he left..." "I'll show YOU paltry ya two-gil aristocratic... huh?" Blinking in confusion, the mage looked about, only to find the table abandoned and everyone in the Quicksand going about their own business once more, doing their utmost to pretend the mage wasn't there. "See what ya did? Ya scared him off!" Crossing his arms, the mage snorted and looked away. "Tis no matter... another shall come along." Sighing, the mage sat back down, muttering softly to himself.. before once again taking on a lifeless stare, holding onto the wooden sign tightly. (Server: Gilgamesh. Name: Kiroro Manaro. Skype: unco.joe Looking for people to party with, whether it be a regular random group of people, a link shell or even a full on Free Company ^^ Looking to master the three Magic Types. Looking forward to meeting you all!)
  14. Greetings one and all! Prosopeio here, player of Kiroro Manaro, a Dunesfolk Lalafell of few words and great interest in the Aetheric Flow. Hoping to make friends in Gilgamesh with those willing to RP ^^ After all, MMOs like this are much more enjoyable when one is able to play a role.
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