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  1. (coming soon.....)
  2. Well if your up for it i was trying to make a rp LGBT fc maybe we can work it up?
  3. Then look for them they are pretty active! I have been playing in Siren with a friend and really found not much rp and made my own FC and it consist of me on balmung but I know the spectrum guard are still there
  4. Are you tired of being alone on your endeavors? Lost in the tracks of your own foot steps trying to find the meaning of your life? Feel like you just don't connect to people like others do? We are Chains of Hearts. A group with the direction of love beyond the color on your skin or the tone of your voice. The step in your walk or the sexual preference of your life. We band together hearts linked into light of our creators to obtain one goal. Happiness. Our organization has teams Team leaders and The Head Master, Giving special tasks while progressing. We will conquer all ou
  5. I cant wait to apply! I hope to see you in game! Areante Holliday!
  6. Oh I was interested when I read it. SO hard finding a rp team!
  7. Awh I feel kind of shunned! Perhaps anyone could recommend a good rp shell?
  8. Hello! My name is Timothy, I live in Wisconsin U.S.A. I am 21 soon to be 22 in January. I have been a Role-player since I was very young. When I wasn't glued to a computer I was out side with my geek friends Larping. My first MMO was World of Warcraft. Then years after I played Aion, and then Rift. Then I moved on to Tera and was there for awhile until Guild Wars 2 came out. I play FFXIV when it first was released but my computer was not very compatible with it at the time. Now that I have a better one and things are new I came back again so here I am! This will be my first time role-playi
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