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  1. i didn't even ask for art but then you throw art at me ;n; I am unworthy! I also wonder how you are so good at it!!
  2. AV. It's always AV. We all have AV horror stories. My worst AV was particularly special. It began with a PLD in full AF1 gear who refused to use flash more than once. Respectfully, members of our party tried our best to give tips. She acted thankful, going on to say how other pugs treated her like shit and that everyone is so mean. But then she didn't follow any of our advice, at all. She continued to pull way too much, refuse to use flash most of the time, and generally fail to keep mobs off of the healer. I don't remember if the PLD used Shield Oath either, but I do remember that I
  3. *poke* You don't give people candy with that mask on, do you?
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