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    Does seem kind of difficult for miqo'tes. Though I think most are thoroughly homogenized there are exceptions like poachers and what tribes still exist and haven't split up. It's easier for Roegadyn. There's a whole roegadyn dictionary of words for use.
  2. I've kind of assumed that chakra -is- aether but it's specifically an individual's aether in their body that they can control. And that it travels as though it were an extremely expansive circulatory system instead of simply 'sitting' throughout the whole body. I don't think that argues with the scholar's definition or trespasses on the idea of it being controlled and manipulated.
  3. Thank you both very much for the info! I planned on refraining from referring to the levels by 'color' but now I know there may be 'short cuts' even if they won't be used, they can be referenced as at least a way people have accomplished their unlocking before. I read a bit about chakra but referring to it as sort of a spiritual circulatory system is the simplest understanding that I prefer. In essence I think reaching that highest level and the 'oneness' with their god, in this case Rhalgr, seems a reasonable goal for a monk. Thank you guys again~!
  4. I pretty much go with internal Aether control myself in rp, it just makes it easier imo and has provided some great rp so far for me. I want to go that route as well, basically. Though I feel like different levels should open more potential (power potential) but I'm not sure what makes the most logical sense in order, you know? I don't ever expect my character will reach the seventh or even the sixth levels but aspiring to them is something. Here's what I found for actual chakra: Silly link... http://threeheartscompany.com/chakra.html#indigo I'm thinking of working from Red up towards Violet. I may just come up with an interpretation of what each level means somewhat corresponding to the actual chakra significances but I don't want to tread on lore/anything else if there's something available to reference instead. I suppose the only thing I can think to relate it to, in a much weaker sense, is Rock Lee and his eight gates of chakra.
  5. Okay, quick query. So, I understand the Fists of Rhalgr were more or less destroyed some time ago and yet I've been doing a healthy amount of research for my monk character. I'll not give any spoilers as to my reasoning but I've hit something of a roadblock in regards to the seven levels of chakra in Eorzea: First off, chakra seems to relate predominantly to spiritual harmony and the like. The fact that they're followers of Rhalgr (and thus I imagine lots and lots of violence as opposed to traditional eastern or even western monks) notwithstanding, I'm not sure what the different levels symbolize or how anyone goes about unlocking them. If this is included later in the class quest please feel free to spoiler me. Otherwise I can't seem to turn up much and I'm wondering if I should simply go with the most likely interpretation turning the real levels and purposes of chakra into something that sounds like it could pertain to the control of one's own internal aether and the harmony of that versus their immediate environment. Thanks for the time if anyone takes a look. <3
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