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  1. Readjusted the format since the old explanation was apparently hard to follow. Original post in a cut in case anyone wanted to read it.
  2. An edit since, apparently, the text seemed overwhelming: The Poison Itself: "The Ceruleum Death" is a poison that has been distilled from the blood of Coblyn that have been gorged with Cobalt and Ceruleum (from which it derives its name). Because Coblyn have a tendency to consume large quantities of these materials for their own use, their blood is highly saturated in these materials in a form that is usable as a concealable liquid state, something that would not be normally possible for the metal cobalt or the otherwise highly volatile liquid ceruleum. This reddish liquid can be introd
  3. The City-States would be happy for Revenant's Toll to become a city - and possibly even a city-state proper - and have been implied to be investing in it for their own vested interests. As long as development in Mor Dhona flourishes, then they have a place to send the waves of Adventurers that they either don't want or need, as well as the fact that it provides another outlet for establishing trade and relations with the Ishgardians. More specifically, though, as long as the Toll is there, then the Garleans have a major road block that is in their way for exploiting greater Eorzea. Its pr
  4. Nabriales actually makes a specific comment at the start of his fight that he has no intent of holding back at all against you, unlike Lahabrea. Considering that all Lahabrea did was stand there and fling a few minor spells at you when presumably the two of them have similar powers and abilities, even if we were somehow weaker against the Ascians because of the lack of blessing, it's entirely plausible that Lahabrea simply didn't care to go full out. Nabriales implies that while we had the blessing we couldn't really be harmed, so it's entirely possible that Lahabrea was aware of this too, and
  5. One thing I've been playing around with idea is that my character is (technically) a Garlean (off spring of conscripted soldiers, technically, but a Garlean defector none the less) and so she's slightly more apt at playing with exotic tech that might not normally be available in Eorzea. One thing we see in the story is the ability for linkpearls to be jacked and intercepted or even stopped, so I was thinking that the logical evolution of that technology would to also be able to make artificial pearls that only ever read or broadcast on certain frequencies, or simply only ever read, and do
  6. There are none that I'm aware of, especially since just being a Garlean is a slur in of itself, at this point in the Eorzean culture. I bet that people probably just refer to Cid as "one of the good ones", to imply that Garleans as a whole are bad. But I could probably think of a few slurs that would come to mind to call out Garleans. Tekker might be a good one, since they are known for their use of Magitek.
  7. You simply right click on someone in your party or on your friends list and hit 'Meet Up', and the person on the other side will get a notification that you are trying to meet up with them. Assuming that the instance that they are on is not full, when they accept the game will teleport you to to the same map as they are on, regardless of instanceID or server, so long as you have access to an anima well on that map. (This may have been changed at some point, can't say for certain since I have access to all the wells on all the maps on my characters) What this means is that if you rolled on
  8. Quite a while ago they made a change to the Ak'ab that causes them to chain agro from ridiculous far away, and I have no idea why they did it and the fact that they didn't change it leads me to believe this is what they intended, and it's pretty... pretty awful. I frequently volunteer to help people eradicate the Ak'ab menace, so if you are still having problems with dealing with them and their across-the-map-nearly agro chaining, feel free to give me a poke and I can log in and shoot some bug things up.
  9. I used to play this a lot, actually - it was the game I was mostly playing before switching to FFXIV. I ended up switching to FFXIV because it was something new/more interesting, and general meh-ness about some other things in TSW including the end game. That said, I did buy into a lifetime and I know some roleplayers there and it's something I have been meaning to get back to on playing at some point. For what it's worth, what server you play on is ultimately irrelevant if you are just looking to roleplay, since the game is broken up into servers and instance shards to distribute th
  10. Just a heads up: Each "ward" (housing instance) has a very small finite number of plots available, and they cover the wide range of prices. Ul'dah has a total of: 20 small lots, 7 medium, 3 large lots. There are currently five wards available, making the current total of available houses (In Ul'dah) 100 small, 35 medium, 15 larges. What this means is that because of the way they said they were going to handle ward creation, if you want a large lot, and instance 1 is where everyone is buying in Instance 1, then you'll have to move to Instance 2 (or 3-5) to pick up a large, wher
  11. I will take all comers! It is only a shame that the Den appears to be 4v4, and not for smaller competition sizes! As for the alt thing - it started out with just one main, but it's hard to pass up an opportunity to play of different personalities and races.
  12. You can specialize in punching faces, specifically, all you want. Tsukiko will certainly punch you in the face, sure. But she won't limit herself to just the face. She will just punch you wherever, whenever, however. Punchy punch.
  13. I've been floating around here and doing some posting the last few days, and admittedly have been aware of the site for quite awhile, now, but only am just now seeing sit to properly say hello, and such. So ~ Hello, and such! The fancy tagline of a subject is the Search Comment for my Sellsword-Pugilist character, Tsukiko Yukimura, and seems like a great way to break the ice (and faces?) to say hello to everyone. I used to be a pretty heavy roleplayer many many years ago back to the age old days of AOL and chat rooms, and eventually gravitated (and graduated?) my way toward online games s
  14. My understanding of Aetheryte travel is that literally anybody can do it to any distance and location, as everyone has some sort of store or reserve of Aether in their being. That energy is consumed and used to resonate with the crystal and transport you on the Aetheric stream. However, the amount of aether reserve you have available determines how far and how and often that you can use this method of traveling before it starts to become detrimental to your person. However, since the Aetherytes that we have access to are all in Eorzea, we can freely use them to transit about without concern of
  15. Because I happened to grab some screenshots of my characters for things, and I saw this thread - pictures!
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