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  1. I. Basic Info Primary character:Vielle Catoire Linkshells: Open RP, looking for more. Primary RP linkshell: Open RP, at the moment. [*][*][*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium, I tend to enjoy heavy RP, but I don't always find the time to schedule for events. I also find that I get a bit overwhelmed with too many people about, so you likely won't see me at any kind of IC get-togethers without a bit of goading. Views on RP combat and injuries: I love to RP injuries, and well-respect those who can pull of a mute char
  2. I generally enjoy the way it's set up by default, with a few tweaks. I play on PC with a PS3 controller. I often switch between two hotbars with R1, as it's easier than cycling through more than one, and I have R2+L2 display the left half of a third hotbar. Usually used for stances and such. My Paladin hotbars, as an example. Not sure if you can set standard hotbars to display on the console versions, but they serve as good indicators for macros that include multiple abilities. EDIT: Also, for the controller vs. kb/m thing, I greatly prefer controller, as it gives much mor
  3. I had a lot of storylines going with people that ended up conflicting, when I RPed Demitri, to the point that a lot more time had passed with him than I could really end up RPing with others. Made me effectively abandon him as a character, since it was troublesome as to where to go with him. RPed myself into a corner, moreorless.
  4. I don't think anyone directly 'restricts' RP at lower levels, though I will say a lot of people tend to prefer to keep friends OOC that they can do content with. I can't really say one way or another, since I tend to lone wolf in-game content (My schedule is so erratic, I can never hold onto a static), but I know it's the case with a good handful of my friends.
  5. Very old picture, and a couple that isn't together anymore, but I remembered an old screenshot I had! http://i.imgur.com/2uyHYDb.jpg[/img]
  6. I think in the long-term, having your character(s) at 50 helps greatly for the purposes of making them dress how you ultimately want them to look, especially if they are meant to be specialized in a field of some sort IC. As far as being a requirement, hardly, though you may find it hard to find good outfits if you don't at least have a main to funnel gil from.
  7. I had barely made a thing for Demitri back when I RPed him, and it took some doing to force myself to write up a bio for Vielle. I'm pretty awful at descriptions, so I'm happy I managed to eke out the craptastic thing I did.
  8. I stopped by at a very off-hour to check out the place, and I really like the style! No random stuff cluttering up the place, very to-the-point and well-designed!
  9. --MMORPG background Dabbled in lots of the oldies, SWG, EQ/2, only two MMOs I really played at length was XI, due to enjoying the unique nature and story of it as a JRPG, and Planetside, because I've always been a fan of tactical gameplay in shooters. XI was the only game I ever reached endgame with, though I never found a group to really engage with regularly. --RP experience Hoo boy, lots of old forum RP, lots of chatroom RP, though in my years of not being in the types of communities for a while, I have become trite and repetitive in my posts. Still trying work on it, but it's alwa
  10. I. Basic Info Characters:Antares Omni, Demitri Omni Primary character:Antares Omni Linkshells:Valiantly Standard, (Looking for other RP LSes) Primary RP linkshell:Valiantly Standard II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Generally medium to heavy, I'm always IC and can be approached nearly anywhere as far as I mind. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm alright with it, but without a fair system for determining a winner, it can oftentimes seem like either an endless back-and-forth or a one-sided RP fight, so possibly arrange with me a way
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