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  1. I've been doing a ton of writing in mine, both things that are canon and just little quips for fun (even if most quips end up being vaguely NSFW). It's a lot of fun to link up with other people on Tumblr and then see them around the Quicksand too.
  2. Ironic! My first character was Y'akhi Tia! Welcome to the club.
  3. So, I've been browsing the balmung tag on Tumblr and have been reblogging things to my own personal tumblr account... Only to realize that I've been having a bit of fun interacting with some of the people there and writing out short joint posts/descriptions on screenshots and the like. So, I'm looking for some other people to follow and interact with! Madmeanderings is my chosen tumblr username. Do any of you use tumblr to play out scenes, or to just show off some things with your character? Maybe for a bit of random writing that you don't post to the boards?
  4. Playing as opposition, or hell, even playing it out that he's trying to bind or banish her would be fun! Also, yes, you have seen me before--we ran into each other in (*trumpet noises*) The Quicksands. I believe Kheo was enjoying trying to see how badly flustered he could make Lily, who was overhearing/eavesdropping on the conversation between him and J'azhar. YEP! Sounds accurate! A binding would be pretty entertaining, and it would bring on some character development -- something that's woefully hard to do in a character with the emotional range of a toothbrush. Hit me up any time! I'd be glad to work something out. Or just play randomly. Random play is great.
  5. Kheo has a tendency to cross everyone's path at one point in time or another just for the fun of it. He loves pushing buttons. I'm sure you will see me walking around!
  6. This is incredibly interesting and Kheo would absolutely hate it, as he despises anything related to the void due to something that occurred in his personal storyline. I doubt he would do the summoning but he *may* be the type to try to bind her for his own uses if he could get past his personal prejudice. If not, I'm sure we can play him opposing her sometime. I'm always good for long winded stories! Also, I can swear I saw your name before and, as I recall, you were a great roleplayer.
  7. This shall be my new favorite thread! Lately, Kheo's form of amusement has consisted of steadily pushing buttons to see just how dark he can get these supposed "stable" people to be. I swear, he is going to get stabbed one of these days and all he will do is grab the person's wrist and force them to twist that dagger. Man, some days I don't know if Kheo is a villain or just delightfully hedonistic. He does tend to dabble in the darker side of things, though, and he loves making contacts with other shady individuals. After all, it's a dog-eat-dog world and he needs to make sure that if *he* gets eaten, there's someone around to poison that person's fruit loops. If you guys start any dark and heinous plots (or just need another one of those underground contacts who isn't quiet and brooding), I'd be glad to participate!
  8. Come up with a litter box too, so Kheo can come visit. Also a cat tree.
  9. Probably because he is one himself <_< Birds of a feather flock together? Or is it cause we are way cooler than good guys? Or is it the cookies I give you? It's because we're all actually nice people. Who get stuff done. High-fives all around!
  10. Poke all you'd like. He might poke back, though. ... On second thought, he would definitely do some poking back.
  11. Oh, no doubt! As a sadomasochist, pain is remarkably fun for Kheo. He gets himself into trouble just for the game of it. I think that they could come to have a rather entertaining working relationship, since Kheo is always looking for contacts!
  12. Hey there! Looking for RP partners or simple contacts for Kheo to bump into. This is both to serve to draw interest and to invite any that has seen him wandering about to bump into him if you so feel the urge. I'm fairly new to the server, but I've been around doing some pretty exciting roleplay during my time here, and I'd love to find more! You can poke at my RPC Wiki if you'd like, but I'll make it known that Kheo is a villain. He is kind enough outwardly, but his play often involves pushing boundaries with a sociopath who is willing to flirt, deceive, and cut his way through life if only for the game of it. However, he often prefers using words to action when it comes to confrontation, so don't expect him to be openly violent... Even if he may so eloquently suggest spilling a few drops of blood every now and again.
  13. Welcome! I'm also from World of Warcraft. The first day I was on Balmung, it took me all night to get to level 10 because I kept stopping to role play. There's just so much of it here! The players are great as well. If you're ever wandering the streets and see Kheo, make sure to strike up a conversation!
  14. Hey! Welcome to the party. I'm a bit new myself, but I have to say that the RP here has been great. I'm a paragraph to multi paragraph player as well, and the first roleplays I've done had people putting great description and emotion into the play. It's like... a bastion of RP. I love it. Welcome again to the community!
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