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  1. Drunken Moogle Pride (Club Night) In celebration of the month of Pride, Drunken Moogle is having a club night. 4pm EDT (9pm UK) - Saturday 9th June 2018 Lavender Beds, Ward 9, Plot 5 Balmung As always we welcome everyone to join us for a night of music, drinks and dancing. Since we’re celebrating, bright colours are a must. Drunken Moogle Tumblr Drunken Moogle Dubtrack Drunken Moogle Website
  2. Methinks Grandma doth protest too much.
  3. [align=center] The Drunken Moogle Pub [/align] History: The Drunken Moogle is actually a casual social free company with an IC side and a strong base of roleplayers. It was formed in 2013 by three friends, who wanted to make an open bar for anyone to RP in back when this was a novel concept and there were none other around that were open to the public in the same way we had in mind. We started our Sunday Roleplaying afternoons soon after and have been running them nearly every week for over two years (We missed out a few RP Sundays when Heavensward came out since no one was thinking about roleplay when an expansion goes live!) Information: First and foremost, the free company and the linkshell are a group of friends. We won't do cold invites or recruit members without knowing them first. This makes our FC and the LS a little smaller than some, but close. We rarely, if ever have drama amongst our members and on the few occasions it has happened, it was resolved peacefully and quietly as we won't invite anyone we think might be the type to go on a toxic bender when they feel wronged in some way. Also, because friendship is at the forefront of our invitation policy-not RP, there are members of both our FC and LS that never actually interact ICly. There are RPers and non-RPers alike. While we love it when our friends RP together, we won't force members of our FC or LS to interact with each other if they don't want to or ICly have no reason to. To add to that, except for our Pub events and the odd larger parties we hold, we do not provide plots for our members to work through. We encourage our members to create plots for their own characters and should they want to involve the FC or members of the FC, to absolutely recruit from among the members. While we are not averse to the idea of IC dungeons or adventures that are written by the leaders of the FC, if you are wanting us to provide you with plots or story ideas all the time, we're probably not the FC for you. And that's okay! Should you join the FC or start the process to join it and realise it is not for you, that's absolutely fine. You may leave the FC at any time, and remain in our linkshell if you wish. We prefer to have happy friends content with whatever FC they're in, than discontent members in our own FC. You also do not need to be a member of our FC to work for the Moogle. Provided your character is a good fit (and you don't find our oftentimes rude and puerile OOC humour too annoying), you're welcome to talk to Meela or Bexa and we'll likely suddenly have an opening for you. Linkshell Invitation Requirements: Age: 18. We don't care if you're the most mature 17 year old ever. The law says 18 if there's explicit content. There very well may be. Respect: If you're racist, sexist, homophobic, or ableist, just keep walking. Don't get me wrong, we're adults. We understand the difference between someone saying something that they don't realise is offense as a one off, and someone being a giant monkey turd. We don't want monkey turds in our FC/LS. If we feel something you say is iffy, we'll likely whisper you to tone it down. After all, we're not born knowing what is acceptable and what isn't. Education, in that respect, is key! But if you seem to be saying those things fully aware they're offensive/don't stop once we tell you, you're gone. Sense of Humour: Now, all that being said, our group has a lot of people thirty years old or older. And nearly everyone is at least twenty-five. Once you get to that age when you feel like you're starting to 'get old' the idea of acting mature becomes laughable. You will almost CERTAINLY see raunchy jokes about butts, boobies, and various other parts of the body. There very well may be links to absolutely filthy things someone's found on flist and feels the need to share amongst friends so we can all go EWWWW! (We don't kinkshame, really. Not seriously. All in jest.) Though we have no problem if you don't find ironic butt jokes funny, if you're likely to become annoyed after a lengthy discussion about why one of our members knows an awful lot about the reproductive organs of reptiles, perhaps we're not for you either. Free Company Invitation Requirements: (Same as above with some added things) Sponsor: I know, it sounds like we're the Masons or something, but the truth is, we want to keep our little group as happy as possible. We trust our members to know the sort of people we are and what we expect from new members. Therefore, it is advantageous if you know in the FC already, particularly our officers. Though this is not a requirement, you are likely to be invited sooner if someone knows you well. Linkshell Membership: While we don't require membership to our Linkshell to our regular members, for new people that we don't know yet, we do. If you don't know someone in the FC already, this is where we (and you!) will determine if you fit in with us. Normally, we will invite you to the linkshell and request you come along for RP sometime (either Sunday or we'll set something up special) or to come along for our Map runs or other OOC things. This isn't to judge your abilities of course. We accept new and old RPers. New and old non-RPers. It's simply to see how you fit in with us as a group. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months depending on how much we get to see you and how easily you find a place in our group of friends. Image: If we do invite you to our FC, you will have our tag next to your name in game. We want the FC to maintain a good image in public as we work with other FCs for RP events and throw our own public events ourselves. Therefore, we ask that you not do things that would give our FC a bad image. No trolling people. No harassment. No public ERP. But generally, we expect that if you've been invited to our FC, you'd know this without being told. For any further questions, contact a member of the FC and ask them to direct you to Meela Jakkya or Bex'li Nelhah. We'll get back to you ASAP! [align=center][align=center] [/align] The IC Bit! Roleplay at the Drunken Moogle [/align] Location: Lavender Beds Ward 4, Plot 8 Opening Times: Open 24/7 with NPC staff. PC Staff Sundays 3pm-7pm EST [align=center]The Drunken Moogle Pub[/align] The Drunken Moogle is a quiet little pub set in the serenity of the Lavender Beds. People come from far and wide to sample some of the finest food and ales Eorzea has to offer, all at reasonable prices. Whether you come to relax, meet new people or just complain about your day, the Drunken Moogle has everything to put you at ease. Opened several years ago by Meela Jakkya and Bexa Nelhah, the pub aims to provide the community with a safe, comfortable place to relax. Both living in Ul'dah at the time, the women resolved to invest in property in the Shroud following the horrors of the Calamity, and use it not only as a place where people could find peace for a few hours of a day, but also where they could be healed, cleaned, and rest their heads. While the pub is a gil-making business, the women have a policy that those in need of food, healing, and rest but have no gil are never turned away. Much of the profit gained from the business is then used to provide aid for those suffering from the atrocities on-going in the world today. Regular donations of food, clothing and basic necessities are sent to Ala Mhigan refugees, and others displaced by Garlean annexation as well as the Brume in Ishgard and those affected by the Dragonsong War. Charitable causes aside, the Drunken Moogle offers some of the best ales, personally tested and picked by Manager Meela Jakkya, as well as excellent food, lovingly prepared by Bismarck-trained head chef, Yoh'ra Yura. The healing clinic is attended to by master healers Azrian Thorne and Bex'li Nelhah who are discrete and offer their services at no charge. Rules for RP at the Moogle: Combat: This isn't a fighting arena. If you want to have your character fight someone, you'll have to emote them taking it outside and off our premises. Sex: No public ERP in the bar. If you need a room GET A ROOM, though we still advise you to keep it to party chat. This isn't a dive bar. Please dress and act appropriately for the venue. Disruptions: If you're being loud or obnoxious you'll be asked to calm down. If you start a fight you'll be removed by a large Roegadyn NPC or a member of staff in as harmless a way as possible. Public Rooms: All rooms marked with ++ around the name are public at all times and may be entered without permission of the staff. If you REALLY want to trash them, fine but realise, like a real life pub, if you damage property, you could get banned from coming back! [align=center]Links:[/align] The Drunken Moogle Tumblr This has advertisements for ours and other free company RP events, as well as screenshots and information about the Moogle. The Drunken Moogle Website This has pretty much the same information as the Tumblr only way prettier and more organized. Menus, Dubtrack, etc. As the name suggests, links to our menus and dubtrack.
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