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    The First Annual Royal Ball of Ul'dah

    Sounds like it'll be a blast, count me in
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    Trials of the Sultansworn [Closed]

    Lambert glances over the envelope, noticing the paper is notthe cheap kind you find on the stands and shops of Ul’dah. The mark of the Sultana immediately draws Lambert’s eye. Curious, Lambert whips out a dagger, careful not to damage the envelope or it’s contents. Lambert glances over the letter, and grins. “A Sultansworn, eh? Guess I’ve gotten the Sultana’s attention with my work.” Lambert pauses for a moment, considering if he would want to do this kind of work. He considers the upside and the downside. The upside, Lambert would have the power needed to protect himself and others, without having to go through his usual method of crippling the foe. The downside, mountains of red tape and millions of rules and regulations. Lambert walked into the quicksand, greeting a few friends while passing by. He asked for a large mug of ale, putting a pouch of gil on the counter. Momodi poured him one, and Lambert took the tankard of ale over to a table, putting his feet up on it as he relaxed with his mug of ale. Lambert slowly sipped the ale, weighing various situations where it would be handy to be a sultansworn, or a bad thing. Lambert, after sleeping the night to think it over, buys some decent quality paper and a quill and inkwell. Lambert immediately writes a draft, and then another, eventually reaching his fourth draft, trying to perfect the letter. To Her Grace Nanamo Ul’namo. Your Grace, it is an honor to receive this gift, this recognition of my work. As I’m sure you are aware, I was an inquisitor, and a free paladin at one point, but left both of those services due to a few issues. I worked for awhile as a bounty hunter here in Ul’dah because I saw this city needed help. Everyday, I see criminals shaking down or oppressing those who cannot protect themselves, it sickens me. I would do anything to stop them, but the real masterminds are well protected. I am not naïve, I know of the situation here in Ul’dah, I don’t intend to bust down someone’s door without your explicit blessing to do so. I swear to you, I will do everything in my power to stop this corruption. I lend you my sword and shield. -Your humble servant, Lambert Arkwright.
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    disbanded Friends of Momodi OOC

    please dont start with the purring...