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  1. Zane

    RPC on Bluegartr

    Don't worry, I'll still be here on the boards and when I get enough money I'll be making a character to Role-play with on Besaid from time to time. Just, as I feared, there are a few people who are ignorant about RP within my linkshell. While the majority don't mind it, a few are against rolling on the RP server, which was why I was hoping that the server we started on would be the server that won the vote, because then I could use their laziness against them and keep them on Cornelia even if the RPC was there. It's easier to say "Eh, so what if the RPC is on our server, do you really feel like switching servers after we're already set here?" than "Forget this server, why don't we roll on Besaid despite the RPC being there and I know a few of you don't really like role-playing even if it's for stupid reasons..." I'm more than positive there are enough Role-Players interested in doing End-game, and while I enjoy Role-Playing, my biggest lament is that I won't be able to hang out with some of you OOC as much, so I will at least be on the boards to do that.
  2. Sorry if this was already posted somewhere but: http://www.eorzeapedia.com/2010/09/05/eorzeapedia-at-pax-2010/#more-5110 Read half way down.
  3. Zane

    New Servers!

    As far as I know, there were only 2 people on the RPC that were directly effected by the server vote, and neither of them are calling for a re-vote despite not getting their choice. Really no reason to pick another server just because you like "X" name over "Y" name. A lot of us played on Sylph. It wasn't Shiva, or Bahamut, or Odin... It was Sylph, and we loved it. Server name really doesn't matter. And if it weren't for other factors, I would be there with you.
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! I wish I turned one earlier this year. Would be nice to kinda turn back time at 24 rather than face my ever climbing age. >.>
  5. Zane

    RPC on Bluegartr

    http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/98210-RPC-Votes-Besaid-As-Role-Play-Server Thread about the RPC on Blue Gartr. Be Forewarned: If you intend to post, I would recommend against it unless you are familiar with the forums. Not to sound elitist, but it's probably best left for people who normally post on Bluegartr to post since it is different from practically any other FF forum you will find out on the Web, and the mods will ban you for what seems like arbitrary reasons - especially if you have a low post count. Also, hope you don't mind the nod in the thread at you, Kes. I just felt I had to dispel the RPers don't do endgame myth.
  6. That isn't Bluegartr, it's just another Endgame Linkshell. Expect to see those on every server, if not at open beta, definitely shortly after when everyone figures out who is going where. Bluegartr Linkshell is what people are the most interested in.
  7. BG does not have a poll, as it's a private Linkshell and Sonomaa will disclose their destination at some point. I believe they are waiting for the dust to settle. The last word from Sonomaa was they would not be rolling on Jecht in Open Beta, but that has already been made irrelevant.
  8. There was also that group we spent two hourglasses on every week to lock out because they thought they'd show up a half an hour before our gather and ignore the Dynamis calender. We even got full tiem extensions in Xarc with 6 mules. We locked them out until they compromised with us.
  9. Bah, oh well. Looks like I'll have to probably make an alt to come hang out with you guys when I have some more money.
  10. People have been able to ping 20 servers, so there are probably more. 10 servers at launch is kinda... poor to say the least. Unfortunately, most of those servers would come at launch, or during Open Beta which does us little good since the server selected will be finalized before any additional servers will ever be added.
  11. I'm skimming through forums and posting any groups and where they're going whether I know them or not. I will update this post as I find info. If any one knows a group that isn't obvious, feel free to elaborate.
  12. Zane

    Server Selection

    20 servers are still pinging, so it's likely they will add more later in OB or release, but not like that matters for us.
  13. Zane


    We've broken it like 10 times in the last hour.
  14. Collector's Edition comes out on September 22nd. Normal comes out on September 30th. There is a good chance that someone within the RPC may know someone who may have a copy of the game on September 21st, and thus able to relay server names at least a few hours before launch. Otherwise, Japanese players will certainly be up and playing before stores open on the East Coast here, and probably even before the EU's can install their game.
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