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  1. Not sure if anyone's posted a Pumpkin Orange ref yet, but I got one from 11 Apples, 8 Berries, and 7 Pears. I fed him one of each fruit, in that order, and just repeated the pattern until all the fruits were exhausted. This method got me from Desert Yellow to Pumpkin Orange on the first go. For anyone here who may still be deciding on what color they want, know that the screenie below has not been color-altered in any way, so it's as good an indicator as any of how your end product will look. The only editing it got was a mild Diffuse Glow filter (I'm just partial to it on my XIV screenie
  2. Joined the server after being referred by a friend, but I don't have the power to break blocks. Am I missing something? (I apologize if I'm asking this on information that's already been posted in this thread - I'm doped-up on painkillers because I'm sick, and on top of that I'm quite new to Minecraft and know nothing of how it works. :blush: )
  3. Pardon my webcam quality. :blush: Here it is...!
  4. AHHH, you used that Riotoum picture as a reference! Best of luck here, baby girl! :love:
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