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  1. Retelling of Marvel characters in different time periods and settings has been a thing for some time.... If done well, there is probably a good degree of merit and interest that can come from an importing of a story, and fitting it properly into the setting of another place...similar to how they did 1602. I don't think I'd mind meeting this char with a few of my own, if only just to see how the conversations go. That said, i DO see an Anthony Stark running around Ul'dah some times...so that may be someone you also want to get in touch with. If he were a blachsmith of some sort...t
  2. I'd also like to take the moment to note there are a good amount of EU area role players on this site and in this community. Getting to know them might be very beneficial on a time zone stand point too. I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but there may be a linkshell just for those folks? I've many in my own circle, and I know some times their times can be tricky to work out with others ( except the ones who...you know never sleep or anything )
  3. I've spent maaaany mornings trying. It can really crush your confidence and desire to play if you do that route. You might actually benefit more from starting somewhere else..moving through MSQ while you collect what funds you need. Then when you do hop over you can have more of the world open, and better outfit choices. ( Because really, dressing up characters is the entire point of Rping.:moogle: ) I will suggest though, feel free to make use of the IC sections of this forum. There are plenty of people who can and will Rp here...and you can work on some plot and bonds with folks here wh
  4. It's pretty bleak. There are some tiny pockets, sometimes right after a patch or update..but anymore Bal and Gil can be super hard to get on without just transferring over. I'll keep killing bots in game in the hopes of helping new people to find homes!
  5. As far as picking a server goes, Balmung is really were it's at as far as open world Rp. While there are certainly hub areas that you will find more, generally you can strike up Rp with folks out in the field if you are ambitious enough. In my experience other servers tend to have their Rp more centralized to the housing districts...and since i play on a lot of the servers, I will say that there is a lonely feeling in how empty a lot of the other servers seem to be in comparison. That said, I'm positive there are great groups on other ones if you search them out. So really it's probably
  6. It wouldn't shock me if less lalafel were in Ishgard to begin with, based less on any racial commentary, and based more on what benefit they would get there. It might just be my view of the spuds, but I don't see a lot of growth or profit for them in that region, not to mention the climate...it wouldn't be worthwhile for them to set up much there..beyond maybe a trade route or something. Its also likely not worth the danger of the conflicts there.
  7. I think the larger issue there is, racist in OUR world and what would be the racism in this fantasy world really isn't the same thing. We can't define it using the same tools really, because the history we base our feelings on that topic on, doesn't really exist in this setting. I'd imagine the fear and disdain of an interracial couple in this world is less about racism, and more about the worry of what can happen from it. We aren't talking about people with different skin tones, we are talking about near giants, tiny potatoes, cats, and dragon people. I'm sure on a subconscious level there
  8. Amid the hustle and bustle of the streets, a hooded figure stood in place, notice clutched in his armored hand. Even as others bumped and shouldered the midlander, he remained relatively stoic in his stance, as blue eyes scanned over the text again and again. Fingers clenched the parchment harder, before he would drop it to the ground and stare across the crowds. Had nothing changed? In the time that he had been gone, Ul'dah was no better off than he had left it. If anything it seemed worse..plagued now when more refugees, an influx of Au Ra sell swords, and the stench of ill intentions. His
  9. My rule is usually the same in all of these situations. If you are having fun Rping, and YOU like your character...then you are probably doing it right. People can sit around all day and give you reasons why you shouldn't do A B or C, but if you can play it well, put a good spin on a concept and make it work...then you are doing exactly what should be done in the process of making an interesting character. Does that mean I should make a Roe who is actually Zeus? Probably not...but an Au Ra who by some twist of fate wound up there...? Why not? Is it totally unreasonable to think that good
  10. Silence was meant to be played as only loyal to a small War Bound I was going to form...but with playing a mute, those bonds never seemed to take off, and I regretfully selected many players who vanished into the aether shortly after meeting them lol. Enter his handler, Aoi..whose orders he follows to the letter. Beyond her, the brute would likely show a degree of protection towards Warren ( since he originally only interacted at the Grindstone ), whom he deems to be of importance. And despite having not seen them for a time, he'd likely still risk life and limb for Nataru, Nahare, Oren
  11. Lho'a tends to hold no love for his own kind. Infact he is pretty far removed from Keeper society and traditions entirely. That said, he often CLAIMS to hold some degree of loyalty to the Flames, but only when he feels the need to seem like he is important. If he would actually step in to aid that group or not remains to be seen. That said, he loyalty falls more to individuals. Lho'a has experienced great pain and loss, and through it has decided that those he truly cares for, are worth more than the general population or whatever may stand in his way of safe guarding them. As such the le
  12. I actually really like Moraby. There is a ton of room there. Ive seen events run very nicely there.
  13. I usually feel like the Shroud is hard, pending on how serious you take those pesky elementals. I try to be kind of lenient with the concept, but I know some folks are pretty "DOOM" about doing things that will piss them off. Limsa itself seems to get the crap end of Rp....The Wench is so nice and Rp there is still sparse. I've had some good scenes out by the cliffs edges in la Noscea tho..I can totally attest to that place...it's also the home of my secret favorite RP location >.>;
  14. I really have zero issue blacklisting anyone who trolls or interrupts what I'm doing. People only have the power you let them have. Especially in an online game. So....zero reaction from me. That area is neat looking though....I half wonder what of my roster would fit to go there. I imagine it would be cool to have an FC or mercenary group hang out there. Besides....really if your on Bal and have an issue with Rpers...that's kinda yer fault. lol Most def. I'm just keenly aware that some people don't like to put themselves in that position in the first place. The bold shall
  15. I'd love it if we could access the Vath Adventurer Guild and use it as a hub too, though the number of people milling about for beast tribe dailies would make it difficult to RP there. I think that's the same as the old Mor Dhona situation...like the place was just too congested with bodies. I can ignore a lot..but visually I think it would be too much for even ME. But yeah,...their guild set up..and growing links to other groups would make form prime Rp hooks.
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