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  1. [align=center]«Harthest Call» [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Trade & Business ∘ Morally Grey ∘ Crime ∘ Dark[/align] [align=center]Welcome to Harthest Call Trading Company; heavy character-driven rp FC on Balmung [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1LiW2cs6suT06qw40NiwppYlHaPZONB_9CqMFtYf6Yh7ZIqGiP7oUNSSZusrZyLg42vNcqp_PZ-knUzhe_QwhiTil6Z35v7Ux_FYGlLOlbe08y6oLLZAeKJunLPFmU_xEYz7Hdgg[/img] [/align] [align=center] Specializing in the acquisition, transportation, and protection of absolutely anything for the right pr
  2. I. Basic Info Characters:Abeodan Silverbrand and Veil Iriq Primary character:Abbie! Linkshells:None yet Primary RP linkshell:None yet II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Style Wise, I'm a heavy rper - long posts, lots of text (though that can flux based on my partner). I used to forum rp with a few friends upwards of 5000 words. That's certainly cut down by quite a bit, now! (its more like 200), but the habit sticks around. Amount wise, right now I don't rp very often, because I don't know many people and I'm not always home. But I'd like to take that u
  3. I've been playing a Xaela quite a bit since the patch, and... yeah I haven't really had this issue. There's a lot of lore we don't have, but likewise, there's a lot of lore for a /lot/ of races we don't have. We're missing a lot about Ala Mhigo, the Lalafell, the Miqo'te... I haven't really seen many other Xaela rpers out there (which is kinda fine and dandy because mine would be more like to avoid them, than anything else), so I can't speak for anyone else's interpretation of the race, but as far as lore wall's I've had no issues. The nomadic lifestyle and tribal information was more th
  4. This. While we do have evidence of halfbreeds in game from a number of sources, I feel the biological difference between the playable races and the dravanians is just too extreme. Like how you can crossbreed a horse and a donkey, but not say a horse and a dog, irl. Any attempt at crossbreeding between the 'human' races and a dravanian would likely just end in either nothing, or too many physical and genetic issues for the offspring to survive, if it even makes it through the birth. I'm all for people doing what they want with lore, totally. Rp is something people do to enjoy and have fun
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