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  1. A few suns of poking around Limsa had yielded less information than he had hoped. It was at times like this that he really wished that Vixen operated more locally. It would have saved him so much time and effort to have her ears in addition to his. But life was rarely so accommodating as to simply hand you what you needed. Leaning back against the wall, A'laric idly exhaled a cloud of smoke and turned the situation over in his mind again. "I don't see how you can smoke those things. They're foul," A'lecae complained. A little smirk curved A'laric's lips up before he turned his head to blow the next cloud of smoke in his cousin's direction, earning himself a scowl in response. Chuckling, he flicked the spent cigarette to the ground, grinding it beneath the heel of his boot. "So's that liquor you make." Dragging a hand through his hair, he let out a slow breath. "You're finished, I assume?" Nodding, A'lecae offered him a small satchel. Glass clinked inside. "A few of my usual, and the new one that you wanted. Just be careful not to dose yourself with it." "Antidotes?" "The ones with the red tops counter the blue. Yellow tops counter the green. White tops counter violet. Grey tops counter black. Blue paralyzes, green causes hallucinations, black blinds. Violet is the new one." Slinging the satchel over his shoulder, A'laric smirked. "Good to know." Pausing, his head tilted as the linkpearl in his ear crackled, the first activity he'd heard from it since this mess had started. He blinked before a slow grin slid over his face as he listened to Osric's transmission. "Well well.. Looks like you were just in time, Hunter. I have a starting point." "You need me to shadow?" "No, don't worry about it. From the sound, there'll be plenty of bodies involved this go around." Giving A'lecae a brief clap on the shoulder, he turned. Back to the Drydocks. And hopefully some answers.
  2. Leaning back against the wall, A'laric examined the edge of a skinning knife critically. Though he hoped to find the information he wanted without bloodshed, he was far too cynical to believe it would be so easy. And that meant that he'd need his tools. And a few incentives to... encourage honesty in the event that it wasn't forthcoming. He smirked briefly before looking up. "Are you finished yet?" The question was directed toward the silver haired miqo'te hunched over the wooden workbench across the room. "You said you wanted something that inflicted pain but wasn't lethal. That's not an easy order, Shade." Lifting a vial half full of a cloudy blue liquid, he frowned thoughtfully. "If you'd given me a few suns, I could have come up with something without an issue. But you're not even giving me ample time to test this." Shrugging, A'laric pushed away from the wall and slid the skinning knife back into a special holster hidden beneath his sleeve. "Yeah, well, shit went down. I don't have the luxury of time, Hunter. If I did, I'd wait for Vixen to get back." Crossing the room, he leaned over his companion's shoulder to watch him work. A'lecae ignored him, mixing several more ingredients into the vial and stirring them together. The color shifted from blue to grey, drawing nearly identical frowns from the pair of them. "Is it supposed to do that..?" "Hells.. This won't work." Setting the vial aside, A'lecae gestured briefly toward a leather case filled with vials. "I need the neurotoxin from the second row, fourth one over." A'laric made a faint sound of acknowledgment and moved to retrieve the desired vial. Offering it over, he watched with interest as A'lecae carefully pried the stopper from the vial and poured a generous amount into a beaker. "You're not going to be done anytime soon, are you?" A'laric sighed softly, already anticipating the answer and waving it off before A'lecae could respond to him. "I'll go snoop around and see what I can find. If Vixen shows, send her my way. Two sets of ears are better than one." Nodding, A'lecae glanced up at A'laric and smirked briefly. "Good hunting, Shade. I'll have this ready by the time you get back." He fell silent for a moment before asking, "You're sure that you don't want me in on this?" "No, I don't need you involved any more than you are already." Smiling reassuringly, he clapped his cousin on the shoulder. "Not for this part, anyway. Wait until we have a target. Then it'll be your turn." Turning, he waved negligently as he walked toward the door of their little safe house. "I'll be back in two bells. Have my new toy ready by then." Ducking out into the night, A'laric took a deep breath of the salty air and let it out. Thal's balls, but this was a mess. Shaking his head, he slipped through the brush and began to make his way toward Limsa. With luck, maybe he would encounter Osric or Jin there. It would be nice to have some backup for this.
  3. Lurking near the door, A'laric listened to the others react to the disaster of a mission with half his attention. The other half was diligently occupied with replaying the scenario on the bridge, trying to pick the pieces apart. The attack had been far too quick and clean. Planned to the last minute detail. The work of a professional. As a fellow professional, he could certainly appreciate it. He could also track down the one responsible for planning it and personally guarantee that the whoreson died screaming. Of course, that plan was contingent upon actually finding the one responsible. An ear flicked thoughtfully as he glanced at Erik in response to hearing his name spoken. Accepting his orders placidly, he spared only a brief glance and a smirk for Osric before slinking out the door and into the rain. Tilting his face up to the cold droplets, he smiled to himself. All signs pointed to the Lalafel as his best chance at finding out the who and why of this little mess. And of.. tidying it up. A predatory little chuckle escaped his lips as he began to walk toward the gates.
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