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  1. I personally take the route of "One field of expertise, one field where they know what they're doing but not an expert, then one or more minor talents" For my character Colson, for example, his expert skill is Conjury, his skilled but not expert field is carpentry, and his misc talents include first aid and basic cooking. He know's how to wrap a wound and cook 1 or two recipies, but he's not a master doctor or a Bismarck chef.
  2. This seems like a good place for me... I was actually suggested this linkshell by other player last night
  3. Howdy! I'm a noob to final fantasy 14. But I'm not new to MMOs or final fantasy, I started on a pay to win mmo in which I engaged in rp with a small circle of friends. Although my expierence in rping is not veteran, its not fresh and new either. I'm still working on my character due to my lack of Eorzian lore knowledge. But I do have a name (Strident Crow) a race (Hellguard Roegadyn) and class (Scholar). I would Like to engage in small roleplays to brainstorm my character and bounce ideas. As for me? I'm just a bored 20-year old. I draw occasionally but don't focus on it like I used
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