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  1. Hi! Sorry for the somewhat late response; I've been struggling with some personal issues so I haven't checked the forums much. ;-; I'll give you a poke when I catch you online. I would at least love to chat ^^
  2. Edit: I've gotten a few great responses! I'm actually surprised I got any at all, heehee. Thanks, everyone! Hey there! Like the title says; I'm looking for an RP connection for my shy guy (though I more commonly refer to him as my Disney Princess), Ayden Rowantree. Mikh'a Awandah[/b]) or Ayden. I live in Europe (GMT+1) and am online most days, usually in the afternoon from around 3-4 PM-ish. You can also give me a poke on Skype (hannie3000). Actually, I think Skype might be the easiest way to reach me outside of the forums here.... Anyways, I hope I did okay with this post. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them. I will answer them as best I can! I look forward to making a new RP buddy.
  3. The devs have confirmed that interspecies breeding is a thing. Since we don't see any characters in the game with mixed traits, though, to my knowledge it's just an assumption from the playerbase that they take the traits of one race. Thanks for the welcome, Oli! And Thanks for the info, both of you. Since Ay's character model is a Midlander Hyur, I suppose he takes after his father, then. Hehe.
  4. Thank you! I will be sure to say hi if I see you around !
  5. Hello all, I've been playing FFXIV for about two months now and I'm getting more and more interested in RPing, since it's something I do very much enjoy. Sadly, I am somewhat shy so I feel mighty intimidated by the Quicksand tavern RP going on, plus I find it a little difficult to approach people. Most of my RP experience comes from 1-on-1 RPs, which, I suppose, makes me a newbie at group RPs. I have four characters on Balmung, but I only really have an active RP going on with one of them.
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