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  1. I only just started working up the courage to finally get into FFXIV's RP community, so I'm still completely lost. I want to join an RP FC that's based out of the Maelstrom GC, but I'm not sure how many options that fit that there are, that aren't their own separate group that's only working with it. I'm still learning, trying to research things, and make the most informed decisions I can, but I still feel lost. I would greatly appreciate any help. Additionally, if it seems like my character won't fit in something, I'm adaptable and want to do my best to work around things so they work.
  2. Hello everyone! Finally worked up the courage to post here and introduce myself. It'll be nice to meet all of you! I started playing FFXIV since 2.0/ARR released, but never really worked up the courage to try getting involved with the game's roleplaying communities until now. I'd been in two FCs that seemed good, first on Gilgamesh and then on Excalibur, but they both ended up dying due to drama while I was away for health reasons. I haven't joined a new FC since, and only started looking again recently which has me really hopeful and happy again. While I hadn't really
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